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Watercolor Sheep Painting

sheep painting projectHere’s a simple sheep painting project, with bodies made of crayons, and then a painted background.

The crayons will resist the paint, so you can paint right over them. Just be sure to color their bodies really well with the white crayon so that none of the paint sticks.

• Watercolor paper
• Crayons
• Liquid watercolor paint


1. The students are to draw, as lightly as they can, three to five ovals (the sheep bodies) in pencil on watercolor paper.

2. A white crayon is used to color heavily inside all the ovals.

3. Give the students a choice of dark crayon colors for their sheep head and feet, such as purple, black or blue. With one color, they need to draw a triangle for the head, two ears to the side and four lines for the feet. These shapes also need to be colored in really well too so that they will show up later. Green crayons may be used to draw just a few grass lines.

4. Finally, I like to have liquid watercolor paint on hand so the students may pick one color and paint over their entire drawing. The crayon will resist the paint and the white bodies will now show up because of the background color – like magic!