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Snowflake Art Project

Snowflake art projects are made on one sheet of watercolor paper, then cut into panels, painted, and taped back together to keep the edges nice and clean.

snowflake art projects


• Watercolor paper

• Ruler

• White crayon

• Scissors

• Liquid watercolor paint

• Masking tape



1. Use a ruler to divide a sheet of watercolor paper into 4 equal sections. Write a small number 1, 2, 3 and 4 was written in the top right corner to help match the panels later on.

2, Using a white crayon, draw lots of snowflakes, taking care to have some large and some small, and some overlapping the panels. I like to make a large “X” and then add a horizontal line to form a six-sided frame, and then added circles and arrows to decorate. Pressure is needed to make sure that thick, white lines are drawn with the crayon.

3. Cut the four panels apart, paint with liquid watercolor paint and let dry.

4. Line up the four panels to match their original layout, and tape from behind.

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