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Monochrome Watercolor Still Life

In this simple still life drawing, students are challenged to make as many values as they can with just one color and a little water.

still life painting

• Watercolor or Mixed media paper
• Crayon
• Watercolor paint tray
• Brush
• Bowl of water

1. On a chalk board, draw three simple still life shapes: the coffee cup, the wine glass and a bowl. Students are to draw all three in pencil on a 9″ x 12″ watercolor paper, but note that the items MUST all overlap in some fashion. Add a table edge line somewhere in the middle.
2. Students use a single dark crayon to trace all their pencil lines.
3. Students use a watercolor set, brush, water, and mixing tray. With only ONE of the colors, they may add water to make different values, for example, very dark red, medium dark red, light red and very light red. As they mix the colors, they should paint in each section of their drawing. The goal is to not have any similar values next to each other.

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