A 2nd Paycheck for Haiti Teachers

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Here are my friend’s nine teachers who work at his school in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Thanks to you all, they got their first paycheck last month, each $120. It was amazing, and I heard that they were skeptical that my Go Fund Me drive would actually work, and each was happily surprised when they got their money … Read More

Haiti Teachers Get First Paycheck

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We did it! Thanks so much to the generous donors (Jill Schalet, Denise Matthews, Louee Newton, Crystal Townsen, Jannike Johnsen, Wendy Slepian, Corinne Coe, Kara Sabatella, Elvira Rivera, Julianne Beam, Dana Mayer, Jenni & Nate Ward) who gave to my Go Fund Me drive, the nine teachers at this small school in Haiti got their first … Read More

Fund A Haitian Teacher For $120

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I’ve started a drive to help my friend Winter, who runs a free school for some of the poorest kids in Haiti. I met him in my travels years ago, and he has rarely asked for help, until now. His nine school teachers have never gotten paid and they say they cannot continue to do so. … Read More

“Color Me There” Drive

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Thanks to all who have donated to my quest to bring these three Haitian artists back to my school next spring. One plane ticket is paid for, just two more to go!  If you donate $5 to my “Color Me There” campaign at Indiegogo, and you will receive this brand new 10-page PDF coloring book for … Read More

Haiti Art Teacher Exchange Drive

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Donate just $5 to my Haitian art teacher drive and you will receive this brand new 10-page PDF coloring book for free. This book is not available for purchase, so it’s your chance to do a good deed AND get a file that you can use over and over again for years to come. Help me … Read More

New Art from Kephki

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Have you seen the latest from an important new artist named Kephki? I LOVE the wobbly lines and colors and outlined lips. It just has that Haitian spirit in it, you know? What a genius. Oh, by the way, Kephki is about 9 years old and lives in an orphanage and most likely never had an … Read More

Last Art Class in Haiti

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I had one last art class yesterday with the children at Pastor Jules. The US art trading cards continue to be a hit, with children scanning through them all to choose their favorite to keep. I think I’ve started something that I need to continue.  

Pom Poms in Haiti

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Thanks to a gift card from Michaels, I was able to make dozens and dozens of Pom Poms with the orphan girls at OJFA in Haiti this week. They loved them, took over making them as soon as I showed them once, and then immediately found how many different ways they could wear them. Smart girls!

How to Make a Round Braid

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I was looking for fun yarn projects to take to Haiti next month, and happily found this technique to make a rounded braid. It’s actually pretty simple to make, you may just have to help young ones get started. 1. Trace any cup to make a circle about 3.5″ wide. A little larger or smaller will … Read More

Art Cards from Thailand

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Look what I got in the mail today – art trading cards for Haiti from a school in Thailand! They were made by 7th and 8th graders, taught by an American teacher working in Bangkok. They sent dozens, each more beautiful than the last. I can’t wait to pass them out to as many children as … Read More

Over 100 Art Trading Cards for Haiti

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I’d like to send out a big thank you to everyone who responded to my Art Trading Card Drive. Over the past several weeks I have been getting some of the sweetest cards with messages in my mailbox, and right now have over 100 to deliver to Haiti in July. I’ll pass them out to as … Read More

Recycled Book Project for Haiti

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I’m so excited – making plans for my 3rd summer trip to Haiti with Project HOPE Art! I’m going to share my Recycled Mini Book project with as many as kids and adults as possible, in hopes that they can make some very useful journals out of leftover local cardboard. My wish is to supply our … Read More

Art Trading Card Drive for Haiti

Art trading cards are little works of art that measure 2.5” x 3.5” in size. In July 2013, I’ll be traveling to Haiti again with Project HOPE Art, and would love to deliver as many of these cards as possible to children who have so much less than the rest of the world.  If you would … Read More

Project HOPE Art in School Arts

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News flash! School Arts magazine, one of the largest art education magazines in the country, has published Project HOPE Art’s “Living Angels” article (written by our talented Melissa Schilling) in its April issue. It covers last July’s improvised schoolroom photo shoot in one of the poorest sections of Haiti. You can link to the digital issue … Read More

Chalk Board Angel Wing Portraits

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This is what can happen when a good idea gets in the hands of a talented photographer. Melissa Schilling, founder of Project HOPE Art, took this angel wing series last week in a school in Cité Soliel, Haiti. All the students were urged to keep dreaming their dreams and “fly” to wherever they wanted to go.

Back from Haiti

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My second trip to Haiti with Project HOPE Art ended yesterday, and it was another amazing adventure. For two weeks we worked with four different orphanages and schools, two located in the one of the poorest communities, Cité Soliel. We played and danced and made art that was sometimes mixed with lessons in literacy and nutrition. … Read More

Haiti Map Project

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Learning about where you live and what it looks like on a map doesn’t have to be bland and boring. I’m currently planning art lessons for Project HOPE Art’s July trip to Haiti, and plan to have children make hand colored maps of their country. For accuracy’s sake, they will start with a sheet of watercolor … Read More

A Moment from my HOPE Art Haiti Trip

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Last week, while working with orphans in the front courtyard of our hotel, a pretty amazing little moment happened. A food delivery truck arrived, accompanied by a truckload of armed UN guards who circled the grounds while the goods were unloaded. Either out of curiousity or seeking shade, I’m not sure which, the guards soon ended … Read More

A Day in Jacmel

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Tropical storm Emily delayed our plans by a day, but this morning we were off to visit Creation Foundation, a school that cares for 90 kids in the city of Jacmel. All the kids get 3 meals a day, and are schooled and trained so they can go on to become the next generation of Haitian … Read More

An APFK Butterfly in Haiti

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I recently received this amazing email: Hi Kathy, As a fellow art teacher and a fan of your fabulous blog, I wanted to share with you some pics of where the butterfly mural that I’d downloaded from your blog has been. A group of five woman (myself included) raised funds to buy art supplies to bring to kids in Haiti as … Read More