Draw a Cement Truck

There are many ways to learn how to draw a truck. This tutorial is for a cement truck, which has a different type of back end. Cement trucks have lots of moving parts, but they don’t have to be hard to draw. An angled oval and maybe an extra wheel are all you need. If you like this drawing project, … Read More

Draw a Cute and Easy Car

Let’s face it, Volkswagen Beetle cars are cute. Here’s an easy car drawing step by step tutorial to help you make one with it’s very unique profile. Note: Another reader just emailed me about how useful the guidelines (those dashed lines in my tutorial) have been for her students. They really help students place their lines more accurately on the … Read More

How to Draw an Easy Rocket

Here’s a rocket drawing easy enough for even first graders to try. And since every rocket needs a window so you can draw yourself inside, right? If you are ready for an extra challenge, try shading the background from black to purple or blue. Sometimes even ordinary supplies, like crayons, can produce some pretty extraordinary results. For many more drawing … Read More

Draw a Tugboat

Use some very basic shapes to draw a tugboat in eight simple steps. Then learn how to make two shades of blue with one crayon. I love how this tugboat manages to look cute and simple at the same time. If you like this tutorial, I have 200 more just like it in my “How to Draw” ebook that is … Read More

How to Make a Simple Train Drawing

Most simple train drawing tutorials for kids focus on the old-fashioned version, for some reason. There are a lot of modern options though too. The newer and sleeker trains are a lot of fun to draw, and still start with simple shapes. You could get inspired by the familiar Amtrak cars, or even the high-speed trains that are found in … Read More

Draw a Cruise Ship

Here’s a simple way to draw and paint a cruise ship. The bottom ocean got an extra coat of blue so that it would stand out from the sky. MATERIALS PDF Cruise Ship Tutorial Watercolor paper Black permanent marker Liquid Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS Follow the six drawing steps as shown, adding as much detail as desired. Trace all the lines … Read More

How to Draw eBook

Looking for a few How to Draw tutorials for your young artists? How about 200 of them? All in one ebook? Years of making tutorials for my after school classes has helped me discover what works best for those just beginning to draw. This giant ebook contains 200 projects that start with simple shapes students can most easily see, so … Read More

How to Draw an Airplane

You can learn how to draw an airplane with this easy step by step tutorial. I like how it’s a bit more than just drawing a profile, it is tilted and has just a bit of perspective so students can begin to see how things get smaller when they are further away. Simple details like curving the front window will … Read More

How to Draw a Viking Ship

Studying the Netherlands? I made a How to Draw a Viking ship tutorial, complete with its trademark curves and striped sail.   Maya is in 3rd grade and drew this cool Viking ship with Crayola markers. MATERIALS Download PDF Viking Ship Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper … Read More

Draw a Hot Air Balloon

When looking for simple things to draw, try a hot air balloon. Find how easy it is to make a flat circle look like a ball, just by adding some curved lines.  If you can trace something to started with a nice large circle, I’d recommend it. This is one time when a really round circle will look best, and … Read More

Fall Pickup Truck

I wanted to do something different with my last watercolor class, but still keep it with the fall season, so here is how to draw a truck full of pumpkins.   • View and download Pickup Truck Tutorial MATERIALS Print of Pickup Tutorial for each student Watercolor paper Sharpie marker Crayons Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print … Read More

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