Recycled Art Journal for Kids

If you make art with students very often, sooner or later you’ll get this urge to have them collect it and keep it all in one place. I struggled with this for years, until I discovered a two-hole punch. It led to this art journal for kids book ring system that worked so well, even other teachers started to copy … Read More

Miro Watercolor Painting

Joan Miro was a Spanish artist who developed a very whimsical style back in the 1930s. His painting called “People and Dog in Sun” is  fun to imitate by drawing stick figures, stars and circles. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Black crayon Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS Draw one large stick figure in the middle of a sheet of watercolor paper, preferably in some … Read More

Miro on Coffee Filters

  If you’ve ever painted on a flat coffee filter, you’ll know how fun it is to watch the color seep and spread and grow. That’s what got me started with trying to find a fun new way for pre-K students practice drawing shapes. The fact that the end result looks a lot like Miro’s artwork is just a bonus. … Read More

3D Miro Painting

A fun Joan Miro art lesson can be created with some very simple supplies to make some very simple shapes, just like his surrealist paintings. • Joan Miro Painting PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Watercolor Paper • Bleeding tissue paper • Yarn • Black Sharpie • Crayons • White glue • Paint brush DIRECTIONS 1. Gather supplies. 2. Draw a simple figure, … Read More

Art Projects for Kids