Organic Matisse Shapes

An overlapping lesson with Matisse-like shapes makes a colorful drawing exercise. Matisse didn’t start painting until he was about 20 years old, but then would paint morning, noon and night for pretty much the rest of his life. He eventually became a key figure in the world of modern art. MATERIALS • Sample Matisse Shapes • Chip board • Drawing paper • Oil pastels DIRECTIONS 1. I had a lot of scrap chip board … Read More

Make a Matisse Collage

I created this Henri Matisse for kids art project to encourage students to layer their artwork. These directions encourage them to place tiny shapes on top of medium shapes, on top of large shapes. Henri Matisse was a French artist, known for his use of color. After losing the ability to paint late in life, he explored and mastered the art of paper cut outs.  • View and download Matisse Collage Tutorial MATERIALS • … Read More

    Pop Art Landscape

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