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Draw the Statue of Liberty’s Face

I created this How to Draw the Statue of Liberty tutorial for kinders, who study US symbols in the spring. Concentrating on just drawing her face and crown are pretty manageable if you break them down into simple steps. • View and download Lady Liberty’s Portrait PDF Tutorial MATERIAL • Watercolor paper • Sharpie marker, chisel tip • Crayons... Read More

Cardboard Craft Building
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 I’ve found that if I just precut some house shapes from corrugated cardboard craft class, students as young as kinder can easily “build” something and learn how to construct and decorate a house. This is by Audrey, age 6 I believe. MATERIALS 12″ x 12″ corrugated panels found at my local Box City store An old-fashioned paper cutter, one... Read More

How to Draw a Viking Ship
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  Studying the Netherlands, by chance? I made a How to Draw a Viking ship tutorial, complete with trademark curves and striped sail. Maya is in 3rd grade and drew this cool Viking ship with Crayola markers. MATERIALS Download PDF Viking Ship Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines... Read More

Drawing German Castles
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You can make your castle drawing easy for students by giving them one rectangle template to start. These drawings started with the ribbon banner near the bottom, then starting with the center castle shape above. MATERIALS Drawing paper Cardboard templates made from poster board: 1″ x 4″ for the banner, and 3″ x 5″ for the center castle Black... Read More

Watercolor Castle
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Here’s how to draw a castle. Students can finish it off with a fairy tale theme, or go medieval with moats, drawbridges and more. MATERIALS How to Draw a Castle PDF tutorial Watercolor paint Black Sharpie marker Liquid Watercolor Paint   DIRECTIONS PREP: Download and print a Castle tutorial for each student. Students draw the castle according to the tutorial. Trace... Read More

How to Draw a Dragon
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One of my pet peeves are how-to-draws that claim to be easy, but are really more appropriate for adults than children. Right now, the top Google listings for how to draw a dragon are a good example. I’ve been drawing with children for over 15 years, and they most definitely don’t draw with lightly sketched ovals and lines to... Read More

Little Cardboard House
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Here is one of my most popular cardboard art projects from my after school class. It takes some time to precut the pieces for little ones, but they have a ball “building” their own little house afterwards.   MATERIALS Corrugated cardboard, 12″ squares (I found mine at a local Box City, but you can also get this online at... Read More

Easy Bumblebee Collage

Here is bee art for kids that is simple enough for kinder and first graders. Simple shapes are cut and glued to make a cute and colorful bee. I think it’s a good way to introduce children to collage as the colors are fun and bright and the cutting is pretty basic. MATERIALS Card stock paper: yellow, black, white,... Read More

Draw a Dandelion

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