Newsprint Collage Cat
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This cat is one of my favorite paper collage for kids projects. I love the look of newspaper with only small type, but realized it would be difficult for 150 kinders... Read More

Class Self-Portrait Collage
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This class self-portrait collage, a collection of all my 5th grade students and their teachers, has been one of my favorite art fundraiser ideas for years. I don’t know who had... Read More

Draw a Hot Air Balloon
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When looking for simple things to draw, try a hot air balloon. Find how easy it is to make a flat circle look like a ball, just by adding some lines. ... Read More

Chinese New Year Snake Tutorial
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Did you know Chinese New Year crafts can come from office supplies? They helped me make this project with about 400 first through fourth graders for about $45. For the advanced... Read More

Draw an Easy Rose
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This “Draw a Rose” tutorial has long been one of my most popular. I like how it has enough detail to make the flower look dimensional, but not so much to... Read More

Robert Indiana LOVE Letters
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This 3D letter project provides good dimensional drawing practice, and makes a nice Valentine card too. Stencils help but are optional. Robert Indiana made a famous sculpture in the sixties that came... Read More

Finish the Valentine Face

Start with a print of heart glasses, and draw a face around it. Could be boy or girl or cat or dog? The large size forces students to draw big.  ... Read More

Draw a Dandelion

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    Buildings Tutorial

    Overlapping buildings

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