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Draw a Girl with Pigtails

Learn how to draw a girl with pigtails with a step by step tutorial, and then have fun designing her clothes. Fashion designers gotta start somewhere. For young students that are just learning how to draw faces and bodies,... Read More

Draw a Fox with a Tie

After you learn how to draw a fox with a tie, you can have fun experimenting with different colors and patterns. The guy was inspired by some stock art illustrations I saw somewhere, and I just love how simple... Read More

Draw an Easy Statue of Liberty

Learn how to draw the Statue of Liberty with this step by step tutorial. If you simplify her clothes, even very young artists can copy her famous pose. MATERIALS How to Draw the Statue of Liberty (click to download)... Read More

Draw the Statue of Liberty

For the student that wants to learn how to draw the Statue of Liberty with step by step directions, and some pretty realistic details. The Statue of Liberty has a fascinating history of how she came to be. Back... Read More

Draw the Statue of Liberty’s Face

Focus on drawing the Statue of Liberty face and you can learn more about all the amazing features of this iconic American landmark.Save This was an annual project with kinders, back when I was still in the classroom. Every... Read More

Draw a Bear with a Scarf

Because you can never have too many “draw a bear” tutorials, here’s one that features a brown bear face, and then some simple instructions for adding a scarf. It’s simple shape and details lend itself to scaling it up... Read More

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