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How to Draw a Turkey

Learn how to draw a turkey with an easy step by step tutorial. This bird is made with just a few simples shapes that students can embellish. This bird has proven to be a very successful drawing project over... Read More

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays can be a wonderful time to provide art supplies for the creative young ones in your life. It’s a time when your gift can say, “I love what you create, and I want you to create more.” Read More

How to Draw a Winter Landscape

Learn how to draw a winter landscape with moonlight shadows on white snow. It’s a great study in contrast. Winter landscape drawing projects needn’t be complicated and involve lots of fancy supplies. This one is pretty simple, focuses on... Read More

How to Draw a Snowflake

Learn how to draw a Snowflake with this easy step by step tutorial. It’s a great way to mix a little bit of math with art. If you’d like to teach your students how to draw snowflakes that are... Read More

Beginner Weaving Project: Burlap and Yarn

I found my new favorite beginner weaving project that takes very little prep work, is inexpensive, and makes a very pretty bookmark or decoration. Weaving with paper is a common way to introduce students to to the skill, but... Read More

Free Thanksgiving Printable: A Thanksgiving Mural

Free Thanksgiving printables don’t have to be small. Join these four pages together to make a larger beautiful mural for your home or classroom. This year more than ever, homemade holiday decorations are bound to be appreciated both for... Read More