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How to Draw a Cactus

Learn how to draw a cactus, and then turn it into a lesson on perspective as well. You’ll end up with a lovely desert landscape. Your basic saguaro cactus that is found in the desert is one of my... Read More

How to Draw a Tropical Fish

If you learn how to draw a tropical fish, you can start to appreciate just how many different kinds of fish there are swimming around in the ocean right now. MATERIALS Draw a Tropical Fish (click to download) Drawing paper*... Read More

How to Draw a Camel

Here’s one way to draw a camel, and his very unusual body. Follow this step by step tutorial to make him look like he’s walking across the desert. Do you know what makes a camel look like a camel?... Read More

How to Draw a Monkey

You can add to your animal studies by learning how to draw a monkey. This step by step tutorial focuses on the squirrel monkey, who lives in tropical forests. Why draw just a generic monkey when, with just a... Read More

Draw a Watering Can with Flowers

Once you learn how to draw a watering can, try filling it with a variety of spring flowers to make a colorful painting. This drawing would look lovely in lots of different media (crayons, markers, oil pastels) just try... Read More

How to Draw a Cat

If you learn how to draw a cat with metallic markers, then your imagination can run wild with all kinds of fancy decorations. Especially if you use these two inexpensive supplies. If drawing with crayons is getting to feel... Read More

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