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Zentangles for Beginners

These little designs make great zentangles for beginners. They may look complex, but are made from just adding lots of arrows to my star template. This sample was made... Read More

How to Draw a Christmas Tree

Once you learn how to draw a Christmas tree, why not put it in a really fun place, like a snowy mountain? Who says it always has to be... Read More

How to Draw a Snowman

Are ready to learn how to draw a snowman that looks a bit more real? Then I have the tutorial for you. Here are a few tweaks will make... Read More

Snowman Christmas Card DIY

Here’s a snowman Christmas Card DIY idea made almost entirely with stickers. This is one collage that is guaranteed to lay down nice and smooth. These snowman trading cards... Read More

Draw a Fancy Nutcracker

When students draw a nutcracker, they can gain valuable body proportion practice. Their simple and symmetrical bodies are so much easier to draw than most other real ones. Young... Read More

How to Draw Elf Legs

Learn how to draw elf legs like these and you will be guaranteed a drawing that fills the paper. It will also give young artists some really good symmetrical... Read More

How to Draw Santa’s Face

Here’s how to draw Santa’s face, with a simple step by step tutorial. It’s a pretty symmetrical drawing to keep it easy for young artists. One way to draw... Read More

Draw Santa Claus

Keep your Santa Claus drawing easy by making him with symmetrical shapes. It really helps students see and draw in a logical kind of way. Coloring Santa will call... Read More

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