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Draw a Hippopotamus

Learn how to draw a hippopotamus from a point of view that is bound to fill your paper. This up close and personal portrait reflects what an amazingly sizeable... Read More

Martin Luther King Coloring Page

Martin Luther King coloring pages don’t have to look like cartoon drawings. This one is what you call “posterized”, which is pretty much a simplified photograph. MATERIALS View and... Read More

Draw a Saurolophus

Lear how to draw a Saurolophus and you’ll have expanded your dinosaur drawing skills. Note that his belly is colored a little lighter than the rest of him. Saurolophus became extinct... Read More

Draw an Ornithomimus

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to draw an Ornithomimus, one of your more unusual looking dinosaurs. Ornithomimus was a dinosaur which looked very much like... Read More

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