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How to Draw Grumpy Cat

Learn how to draw Grumpy Cat with my step-by-step tutorial. Luckily, he has some pretty distinctive features, like the dark rings around his eyes and his famous frowning mouth. There once was an American internet celebrity cat nicknamed Grumpy Cat. Her... Read More

Easy Unicorn Drawing

Here’s an easy unicorn drawing project with step-by-step instructions. If you focus on just the head, you have time to draw an extra fancy mane. Of all the tricky animal bodies to draw, I think horse-shaped ones rank near... Read More

Draw a Pattern Headwrap

Here’s a multicultural art project idea that builds on the interesting look you get when you complete a photo with just black and white lines. The art of mixing photos and lines first started showing up on Pinterest years... Read More

How to Draw a Prairie Dog

Learn how to draw a prairie dog with this easy step by step tutorial. They do have the cutest faces! Did you know that prairie dogs are pretty much cousins of the squirrels in your backyard? Their heads look... Read More

Draw a House in the Suburbs

Learn how to draw a house in the suburbs with stylish windows, attached garage and pretty landscaping. Easy step by step directions will show you how. Need some new ideas for drawing a house? This tutorial starts with a... Read More

How to Draw a Cottage

Learn how to draw a cottage and surround it with colorful landscaping with this step by step tutorial. Who says there always has to be green things around it? Houses come in a million different shapes and sizes, so... Read More

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