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How to Draw a Windmill


Learn how to draw a windmill, which have been included in many a Danish landscape painting for centuries. Their job was to use wind energy to turn any raw... Read More

Draw a Sailboat on a Lake


Learn how to draw a sailboat with this step by step tutorial, and then fill the background with watery blues and greens. Save white crayons for the waves. The... Read More

Draw a Hot Air Balloon


When you learn how to draw a hot air balloon, you find out how easy it is to make a flat circle look like a ball, just by adding... Read More

How to Draw a Storybook Fox


If you thought you already knew how to draw a fox for kids (maybe because I already have about five versions ?), I bet you didn’t know how to... Read More

Overlapping Tree Collage


This tree collage art project is a great way to teach young artists about cutting and overlapping shapes. The branches are simplified to keep things easy. ABOUT THIS PROJECT... Read More

Perspective Drawing for Beginners


Perspective drawing for beginners is easier to learn with just one vanishing point. This example of fall trees lining a boardwalk makes for a pretty landscape with lots of... Read More

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