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How to Draw a Gecko

Learn how to draw a Gecko with this easy step by step tutorial. The toughest part might be deciding which pattern to fill him in with when complete. Geckos are the most species-rich group of lizards, with more than 1,650... Read More

How to Draw Leprechaun Legs

Students learn how to draw Leprechaun legs and get some fun symmetrical drawing practice with an easy step by step tutorial. After seeing all the fun students had drawing elf legs last winter, it seemed that a lesson in... Read More

How to Draw an Easy Cow

Learn how to draw an easy cow with a step by step tutorial. The simple shapes make it the perfect project for student’s first cow drawing. One of the best lessons I learned from kinder teachers was to always... Read More

How to Draw Toothless the Dragon

Learn how to draw Toothless the Dragon, from the “How to Train your Dragon” series. His details get a lot easier when you have step by step instructions to follow. Toothless is the last known Night Fury dragon in existence,... Read More

How to Draw a Snail

Learn how to draw a snail with a bit of a cartoon twist. It’s fun to get creative when coloring in that shell. Here are a few fun facts about snails that your students might find interesting: Snails are... Read More

Draw Ice Cream Cones like Wayne Thiebaud

Learn how to draw ice cream cones like American painter Wayne Thiebaud, and then shade them with a two values of a color. Wayne Thiebaud is a great example of how an artist might first not be taken seriously,... Read More