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Draw Martin Luther King

Learn how to draw Martin Luther King with simple step-by-step instructions, to help celebrate the life of this amazing man. This tutorial that shows how to draw Dr. Martin Luther King is designed to be simple enough for younger... Read More

Gee’s Bend Quilt Collage

Learn a bit about art history, civil rights and minimizing waste with this fun and easy paper quilt art lesson inspired by the women of Gee’s Bend. The women of Gee’s Bend, in a small and remote black community... Read More

How to Draw a Cow

Learn how to draw a Cow that looks pretty real, not to mention cute, with this easy step-by-step tutorial. So this is not your kindergarten cow, which tends to be more basic and use lots of straight lines for... Read More

How to Draw a Rubber Duck

Here’s how to draw a Rubber Duck with his classic shape and bright yellow body. He could be the beginning to all kinds of fun drawing projects! Rubber ducks have been recognized as the classic bathtub toy ever since... Read More

Snowy City Painting

This winter painting for kids has some added depth in the sky because the swirl lines were traced with an extra layer of blue paint.  The best painting projects often come from some of the simplest of drawing projects.... Read More

How to Draw a Walking Horse

Learn how to draw a walking horse in a fun, prancing pose. An easy step-by-step tutorial will show you how. This tutorial is made for the student that loves to draw horses, but is past that beginner stage of... Read More