Theibaud Cake Mural

Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist best known for his paintings of cakes in light pastel shades. I exaggerated the colors and frostings a bit in this homage, and hope it adds for some extra fun. MATERIALS • PDF Theibaud template, from APFK PDF Shop • Printer • Cardstock paper • Paper cutter • Portfolio pastels • Masking tape • Butcher paper and glue stick (optional) DIRECTIONS PREP: Print Theibaud template on laser print. … Read More

Miniature Cakes with Model Magic

So it turns out can make really cute miniature cakes with Model Magic because it comes in just the right cake and frosting colors. MATERIALS • Cardboard, 3″ cut round circles • Plastic cups, small, shot size for cake stand • 3″ plastic souffle cup from Smart & Final • Craft glue • Aluminum foil • Glue stick • Model Magic, assorted colors • Mod Podge Spray, recommended DIRECTIONS PREP: Glue 3″ cardboard circles … Read More

Air Dry Clay Cupcake

Turns out it is super easy to make my usual ceramic cupcake with air dry clay. It’s a great option for those without a kiln. MATERIALS • Air dry clay • Silicone cupcake liners • Acrylic paint   DIRECTIONS Roll a small ball of clay and push into silicone rubber base to make what looks like a pinch pot. (The finished cupcake will have a hollow inside. Roll an 6″ or so long snake. … Read More

    Pop Art Landscape

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