Theibaud Cake Mural

Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist best known for his paintings of cakes in light pastel shades. I exaggerated the colors and frostings a bit in this homage, and hope it adds … Read More

Miniature Cakes with Model Magic
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So it turns out can make really cute miniature cakes with Model Magic because it comes in just the right cake and frosting colors. This may be one of my favorite Model … Read More

Air Dry Clay Cupcake

Summer is made for trying out projects that I have trouble doing during the school year. Turns out it was super easy to make my usual ceramic cupcake with air dry clay. … Read More

Ceramic Cupcakes for Kinders

My kinders have started their ceramic cupcakes this week. I was reminded again how perfect this project is for them, and how easy these are to make thanks to new silicone rubber … Read More

Art Projects for Kids