How to Draw the Mayflower

I showed my students how to draw the Mayflower last fall and was happy to see so many make beautifully detailed ships. Try drawing on kraft paper from the scrapbook dept. and those sails just pop off the page. • View and download Mayflower Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of tutorial for each student • Brown kraft paper • Sharpie, black, fine tip • Colored pencils DIRECTIONS PREP: Print or draw guidelines on each paper. … Read More

Harvest Banners from Willits, CA

 Thanks so much to Baechtel Grove Middle School in Willits, CA for sharing their work-in-progress Harvest banners. They look amazing! I recently made this new Harvest Banner template for my PDF shop after seeing how popular my hand drawn post was. I know that not everyone can sketch out giant ears of Indian corn, or even has time to, so I thought a template might be helpful. What want to thank this teacher for is … Read More

New Harvest Banner, $5 PDF Template

Now you can make your own Indian corn harvest banners for home, school or festivals with my latest PDF mural template. Buy it once and create as many giant ears of Indian corn that you could every possibly need. My sample has pretty realistic colors, but you could go abstract too with bright random colors. The simple corn shape will lend itself to all kinds of possibilities. Two template versions are included: one that … Read More

Watercolor Pumpkin

You pretty much can’t lose when you make pumpkins your subject matter for a painting. The line work alone is perfect for teaching kids how to give their circles dimension, let alone all the shading possibilities. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Bowl, about 6″ diameter for tracing Sharpie marker, black Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS The bowl is traced in pencil in the center of the paper, a stem was added (it should be set “into” the … Read More

Mixing Colors for a Fall Leaf

There is no digital replacement for mixing colors for a fall leaf painting, and I was reminded again how much kids just love the unknown of stirring two colors together. I’ve come to believe that the more open ended mixing projects you can find, the better. This one was about using three pigments to make varying shades of warm colors. Students could combine yellow, red, and white in any proportions they wanted. The results … Read More

Free Thanksgiving Mural

 In the spirit of giving for the holiday season, I’d like to offer this free Thanksgiving Mural PDF template. The five-page file that you can download below has the four pages needed to color and tape together as shown, and single coloring sheet as well. When complete, it will make a charming 16″ x 16″ mural that is sure to brighten any door or wall. • View and download Happy Thanksgiving PDF template MATERIALS … Read More

Turkey Coloring Page

Need a follow up turkey coloring sheet for a Thanksgiving lesson? Or maybe just looking for a good adult coloring page for yourself? Here’s a turkey that I think offers more creative fun than your average bird. The graphic lines of the tail and feathers have LOTS of possibilities. • View and Download Turkey Coloring page MATERIALS • Print of Turkey Coloring page • Crayons or colored pencils   DIRECTIONS Challenge students to color … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Turkey

For something new, draw a cartoon turkey and then make up a funny story about him or her. This guy is pretty simple, and I’ve even tried it successfully with kinders. At the very least, you will get something far better than just tracing your hand. • View and download PDF Turkey tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Turkey tutorial • Black Sharpie • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Draw turkey according … Read More

How to Paint a Pumpkin

Here is a look at my how to paint a pumpkin instructions, if you’d like a peek at one of my classroom boards. I wanted students to see how easily they could make a dimensional looking pumpkin. Drawing a circle and painting it orange would not produce nearly the same results, so it was important to follow these steps. And after finding this idea recently at Grande Park Art Blog, I was really happy … Read More

Mayflower Ship Craft Project

You can learn how to make a Mayflower Ship, using just a few inexpensive craft supplies and a leftover coffee sleeve. I must give credit for this clever ship idea to Parenting Magazine. I loved how realistic it looked on their website, it just didn’t come with any instructions. I did my best to simplify the pieces and directions, and have come up with this tutorial. I personally am a fan of the Starbucks … Read More

How to Draw a Pumpkin

There are many “How to Draw a Pumpkin” tutorials out there. This is my take on what I would share with older students, namely third through fifth graders. They should be able to appreciate how the built in vertical lines can make the pumpkin look more like a sphere, instead of a flat circle. They start with three round overlapping shapes, then add the inner lines. The different angles of each pumpkin make for … Read More

Fall Festival Banners

If you need some inexpensive fall festival art, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. Just rolls of paper, thick black marker, and lots of crayons. Oh, and lots and lots of kids to color. MATERIALS • Large roll of paper, about 30″ wide • Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip • Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Cut long strips of paper from a roll, about 6′ long. Draw large ears of corn and large fall symbols … Read More

Fall Leaf Art

You can make a pretty leaf art project with just some paper towels, glue and paint. Learning how to add texture to your art will open up all kinds of new possibilities. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper or other heavy stock • Paper towels • White glue • Crayola crayon • Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. I used Bounty paper towels (I like the spongy look to them) and cut out about 3 large leaves and … Read More

Hand Print Turkey

The idea of a hand print turkey has been around for awhile. Here’s a twist using a craft foam hand and acrylic paint to make a simple and easy mono print. MATERIALS • Craft foam hands • Craft glue • Cardboard, about 10″ x 13″ rectangle • Paint brush • Brown acrylic paint • Heavy white paper • Black Sharpie • Pencil crayon DIRECTIONS PREP: Craft foam hands are sold in lots of craft … Read More

Zentangle Leaves

Second grade students made these Zentangle leaves with lots of different Sharpie patterns. I challenged them to try to make all 10 patterns different. Those that did and drew with lots of detail, had amazing results. • View and download Leaf Template MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker, fine tip • Sharpie marker, ultra fine tip DIRECTIONS PREP: Print a leaf template page for each student 1. Students trace the outline drawing with … Read More

Turkey Matchbox Art

Here’s a turkey matchbox art idea – made from pom poms and felt, and a box colored to look like a barn. This may be more craftsy than artsy, but I’m all for teaching kids that handmade toys are so much more rewarding than purchased ones. • View and download Matchbox PDF template • View and download Matchbox Barn template MATERIAL • White card stock paper • Glue stick • Felt • Pom poms … Read More

How to Draw a Turkey

Looking for some turkey art inspiration? Here are some variations I’ve tried over the years. Marker, watercolor, tempera and poster markers – they all start with this PDF tutorial that I am happy to share below. PREP • View and download Turkey PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Crayons or paint or markers • Sharpie, black, fine point DIRECTIONS 1. Print a tutorial for each student. Guide lines are added to a sheet of paper before … Read More

More Fall Festival Banners

If you need some inexpensive fall festival art, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. Just rolls of paper, thick black marker, and lots of crayons. Oh, and lots and lots of kids to color. MATERIALS • Large roll of paper, about 30″ wide • Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip • Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Cut long strips of paper from a roll, about 6′ long. Draw large ears of corn and large fall symbols in pencil … Read More

Mayflower Map

  This Mayflower Map would be a good follow up to a history lesson. It requires some fine motor skill tracing work, but still has room for artistic additions like landscaping and sea life. I love how the paint makes the paper wrinkle, just like an old map. Here is a link to some fascinating Mayflower Voyage information. • View and download PDF Mayflower Map for Tracing MATERIALS • Printed copy of tracing map … Read More

Mosaic Art with Beans

Students can make some beautiful mosaic art with beans, thanks to lots of varieties you can find at your local grocery store. The earliest examples of mosaics have been found at a temple in Mesopotamia, which means this is one of the oldest art forms around. SUPPLIES • Cardboard, 2″ x 2″ • Dried beans, four or five different types • Craft glue • Mod Podge (optional) DIRECTIONS 1. Students spread white glue on … Read More

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