Drawing projects that come with step by step instructions make it easy for students of all ages.

More Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

As a former classroom art teacher, I know that students are often unsure as to how and where to start their drawing projects. That confusion can lead to frustration, or maybe even deciding not to draw at all. Direct drawing instructions on the front board might work for a little while, but it has its limitations too. Some students will always wanted to go faster, and some a bit slower. It keeps the whole process feeling a bit chaotic, both for them and any teacher too!

The solution? Step-by-step handouts that students can easily follow on their own.

The biggest benefit about getting the process down on paper is that every one can work independently. Tutorials showing each step suddenly turned a noisy process into a very quiet and happy classroom! Students can build their confidence, learn the value in following directions, and hopefully start a lifetime love of drawing. New drawing ideas are added often, so stop by to see the latest one. It just might be the perfect lesson for your classroom today!