700+ Easy Drawings for Kids: Step-by-Step How to Draw Lessons

Welcome to a world of easy drawing for kids! This collection of over 700 how to draw projects truly has something for everyone. Now you can use this gallery of thumbnails to quickly and easily find exactly what you need. View by season, holiday, theme, and grade level. No more guessing what a word on a drop down menu means, or what a group might include. Just check out the gallery below to get just the right easy drawing project you need today!

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How to Draw for Kids: Step-by-Step

There are lots of easy drawing sites around the internet, and at first glance they may kind of look the same. The drawings will be pretty, of course, but there IS a difference. In short, it’s about the way those sites show kids how to draw. Young ones really benefit from seeing drawings happen in a simple and logical order of progression. They need to learn that when they start with maybe a familiar shape and add details in a way that makes sense, they have a pretty good chance of getting their drawing to come out the way they want. And it just might be even easier than they thought it was.

Many other kids drawing sites often take short cuts with this practice, and mostly likely were not created by an actual art teacher. Especially one who spent years in a classroom, watching they way kids learn how to draw. Some sites focus on just the outline shape of something, and some start off with so many sketchy pencil lines, they are more appropriate for a high schoolers than elementary students. In truth, a little of both is needed. Kids do need to start off with shapes, but it’s best when they are simple, and then the details (like arms and legs) are kind of “built“ on top of them. Learning how to sketch with soft lines is great, but not appropriate for young ones that just need to know whether to start off with something like an oval, rectangle or square. Those familiar sounding shapes make for directions that are digestible, and easy to follow.

In the end, drawing for kids is a another skill that gets better with practice. And that practice is more likely to happen when kids start with successful drawing experiences. One fun and easy drawing for kids project is likely lead to another, and another and so on. Pretty soon, drawing won’t be this scary thing that only some kids can do, but in fact something they can do too!