Step by Step Pumpkin Painting

If you’d like a peek at one of my classroom boards, here is a look at my step by step pumpkin painting instructions. I wanted students to see how easily they could make a dimensional looking pumpkin. Drawing a circle and painting it orange would not produce nearly the same results, so it was important to follow these steps. After … Read More

Out of Halloween Drawing Ideas?

If you’ve totally run out of Halloween drawing ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. This cat in a pumpkin is both easy and cute, the best combination. I like having students draw and color on a 6″ x 9″ paper so it’s easier to fill in the background. It helps your supplies to last longer and also fits … Read More

Symmetrical Drawing Exercise

Looking for fun drawing exercises for kids? Try giving students half of a printed spider and ask them to fill in the missing side. I like how it allows students to draw with much more detail, by noticing what is already there. Here’s a tip for finding other options. If you search for spiders at “Clip Art ETC” you will … Read More

Fun Halloween Symbols to Draw

Halloween symbols can be pretty fun to draw. Here’s a worksheet with some ideas, and a page full of boxes to help arrange them in a creative way. This handout was made to help young elementary students see some basic Halloween symbols and draw their own collection on a frame filled page. MATERIALS Halloween Symbols PDF Tutorial (Download here) Black … Read More

Halloween DIY Signs

I tried these Halloween DIY Signs once in an after school class. Everyone loved that faux burned look, and the messier the letters, the better! These Halloween DIY signs beat fancy printed ones any day. AND you can recycle old cardboard to make them. MATERIALS Large blank sheets of corrugated cardboard Old paper cutter recommended, for chopping up cardboard White … Read More

Silly Pumpkin with Teeth

This is now almost a classic Halloween art projects for elementary students. It has been around for awhile, but never ceased to delight my students. I once was gifted an entire pack of marble orange paper, which I saved specifically for this project. It’s not necessary though to makings some very cute collages, especially for those that are just learning … Read More

Matchbox Mummy Craft

How about a mummy craft that is easy, cute and made from just two materials? A pipe cleaner and a little gauze is all it takes to make this little guy. MATERIALS Matchbox PDF Tutorial White cardstock paper Printer Markers, I love the Stabilo brand Tape or glue stick White Pipe cleaners, 1 per student Pipe Cleaner video, or diagram … Read More

How to Draw Crankenstein

Teach students how to draw a “Crankenstein”, thanks to this very funny new children’s book by Samantha Berger. Super simple and cute. Turns out that you only need a few elements to draw a Crankenstein. Angry eyes, a wiggly mouth and hunched shoulders all add up to one very angry kid. Add a little green paint and you have a … Read More

Favorite Halloween Art Projects for Kids

Here’s one of my favorite Halloween art projects for kids. Use permanent markers and liquid watercolors for a really vibrant work of art.   PREP I opted to make a simple line drawing of a house and tree and fence for the students to trace, just for a starting point. They were to add as many Halloween details as they … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Vampire

Students trace an old CD to help draw the head of this not-so-scary vampire drawing for kids tutorial. Would you like to personalize this vampire a bit? No problem. Just change the hair length and color to make it look more like you or someone else. Still learning how to draw arms and legs? No worries here as the red … Read More

Halloween Projects with Cubism Fun

Mix Cubism with Frankenstein for one of my favorite Halloween projects. Add some mismatched eyes and you can’t help but create a giggle or two. For some help in drawing this face, feel free to refer to my Picasso Art for Kids project. It’s an easy to see example of how cubism involves looking at more than two views at … Read More

Basic Skull Drawing

How to draw a basic skull and add a bit of shading for a pretty realistic looking skull. MATERIALS Draw a Skull PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS PREP: Print a tutorial for each student. Students fold their paper to create guide lines to follow. Students draw the skull according to the tutorial. The drawing is traced … Read More

Draw a Vampire Bat

You can draw a Vampire bat without it being scary. In fact, they can be downright funny like this guy. Here’s a tutorial on how to draw this very friendly looking bat. Oversized heads and symmetrical shapes always seem to work better for young artists, so this one is great for even kindergartners. • View and download Vampire Bat tutorial … Read More

Symmetrical Pumpkin

Easy Halloween art projects can teach some valuable skills and still make pretty cool images. All you need is some paper, scissors and glue. I love how it requires students to flip and glue down their cut out shapes to mirror the other side. You can’t get more literal than that as a definition of symmetry. MATERIALS • Black card … Read More

Make a Halloween Black Paper Cat

The credit for this Halloween projects for kids goes to an old Family Fun Craft book. I just worked out a few details about the size and materials. I had been wanting to find an easy way to have my students work in three dimension, and this project worked great, even for 1st graders. The biggest step they needed help … Read More

Tree Silhouette Pastel Art

This tree silhouette art is a multimedia project using chalk pastel and tempera cake paint. Each media does what they do best – make fuzzy backgrounds and opaque coloring. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper • Old CD for tracing • Chalk pastels (blue and purple recommended) • Tempera cake paint, black • Paint brush, water DIRECTIONS 1. Students traced a CD … Read More

Cute Monster Drawings

This is one of those cute monster drawings that I have adored since a little first grader Mila painted it. The lines are sweet, and the colors are genius. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.   MATERIALS Download Monster PDF Tutorial Watercolor paper* Black Sharpie marker Liquid watercolor paint* *The above product links are referrals. If you click through … Read More

Cubist Paper Bag Costume

Look for further for artsy Halloween costumes. Make a cubism masterpieces with a paper bag and oil pastels. MATERIALS Brown grocery bag Oil pastels   DIRECTIONS I used a regular brown grocery bag, and started by drawing the split face on one side with a black pastel. For more specifics on how to draw the two-sided face, check out my … Read More

Draw a Monster, Super Close up Style

Quite possibly the world’s most simple monster drawing. Students used a roll of masking tape to draw the eyes, one of which needed to be going off the page. Try challenging older students to add shadows by painting extra layers of color along the edges. These monsters have some texture added simply by sprinkling some salt or dripping a bit … Read More

How to Draw a Haunted House

When students learn how to draw a haunted house, they can practice their architectural drawing while making their houses look spooky. • View and download Haunted House Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Haunted House tutorial • Multimedia paper • Black Sharpie • Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS 1. You could begin with a discussion of what so-called haunted houses … Read More

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