Jasper Johns Painting

I created this Jasper Johns project for kids so they could make a miniature version of his paintings, and recycle an old CD case as well. Students can get as messy as the want with their painting and the numbers will still show up because they are raised. Plus it’s a pretty good way to recycled some old CD trays, … Read More

Recycled Art Journals for Kids

If you make art with students very often, sooner or later you’ll get this urge to have them collect it and keep it all in one place. I struggled with this for years, until I discovered a two-hole punch. It led to this art journal for kids book ring system that worked so well, even other teachers started to copy … Read More

Craft Stick Easels

I brought back one of my favorites, popsicle stick art for mini canvases for an after school class. Mini canvases, brush Sharpies and homemade craft stick easels. My lesson was about making art with letters, so they just drew their first initial in block form and decorated it with lots of patterns. A nice, simple way to make a work … Read More

Sharpie Scribble LOVE

How about making it “Opposite Day” in art class, one where scribbling is not only allowed, but encouraged? This lesson could tie in Jasper Johns for his textured letter paintings, or Robert Indiana for his LOVE art, and of course, a review of warm and cool colors. Would also look pretty great on a coffee cup, if you ask me, … Read More

Art Projects for Kids