How to Draw a Store

Here is how to draw a store, which children can easily turn into something for pets, candy, clothes, toys, etc. My experience is that young students, as young as five or six, love to buildings from their surroundings. Adding a very simple awning to a pretend store makes it a little extra special. MATERIALS Draw a Shop PDF Tutorial Drawing … Read More

Draw a Cement Truck

There are many ways to learn how to draw a truck. This tutorial is for a cement truck, which has a different type of back end. Cement trucks have lots of moving parts, but they don’t have to be hard to draw. An angled oval and maybe an extra wheel are all you need. If you like this drawing project, … Read More

Draw a Simple Truck

You can make a simple truck drawing by putting a few basic shapes together. Follow this tutorial and draw one like my sample, or design your own. For some extra fun, add some seasonal things in the truck bed. Flowers, pumpkins, see what you can think up. If you like this drawing project, there are 200 more like it in … Read More

Lego Self Portraits

Mix pop culture into your art class with a Lego self portrait project. Younger students can customize a template, and older ones can draw one from scratch. Make it a Lego week at your school and use the template below for kinder through 1st / 2nd grade project, and the tutorial for 1st / 2nd through 5th. Younger students concentrate … Read More

Draw a Cute Mouse Face

This step by step mouse drawing tutorial is an easy way to focus on the animal’s cute face, and fill the paper at the same time. This series of animal face drawing ideas are based on a rounded rectangle, which is much easier to draw some other shapes. Circles and ovals tend to be lopsided when you are just getting … Read More

Me and My Goals Back to School Art Project

One of my favorite back to school art projects. Students to draw themselves with a focus on the eyes, and list their latest goals at the same time.   If you like this back to school art project, there are many more like it in my “Draw Self Portraits” ebook in my PDF Shop. Just click on the link or photo … Read More

Draw a “Wanted” Self-Portrait

Studying the wild west, or having a wild west theme birthday party? Learn how to draw a “Wanted” self portrait to imagine yourself in that time period. Start by using my included template to create the wanted poster background. Print the two halves on drawing paper and tape together to make an old-fashioned frame. Draw yourself inside, with the necessary … Read More

Kindergarten Paper Quilt

Students drew their own home as one of their kindergarten art lessons. Gluing them to a large piece of paper turned them into a large “quilt”. If students make their drawing on square paper, then you will be able to easily add rows going up or down. Any extra spots could be used for a class name and date plate. … Read More

Red Fox Drawing

Here’s a red fox drawing tutorial that shows off all his beautiful colors. Try blending his red coat into black paws for an extra cool look. To make your red fox drawing look even more realistic, try adding shadows on the side that is opposite the sun. Just color harder and with more pressure anywhere you think some shadows might … Read More

How to Draw your Dad

Learn how to draw your dad in eight easy steps. Add the features that make him unique and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift. This cartoon style portrait simplifies lots of things, which is good, but you can still easily make adjustments to make your drawing as much like your father as possible. I recommend following the example of … Read More

Make a Cat Cartoon Drawing

If you can draw circles and ovals, you can make a very cute cartoon cat drawing. An oversized head gets you off to a great start. The other good thing about cartoon drawing? You can use any crazy colors you like. Design your cat with your favorite colors, or your least favorite and see what happens. If you like this … Read More

Draw an Ice Cream Cone

No need to draw an ice cream cone with just a circle and triangle. Try this soft serve version on a waffle cone with lots of swirly colors. Drawing a waffle cone as shown is also good practice for turning a flat shape into a round looking form. Just a few curved lines at the top and bottom will do … Read More

Draw a Tiger Face

If you can draw an oval, curves and triangles, then you can learn how to draw a tiger face. This cute tiger is composed of some simple shapes that even most kinders are familiar with. By keeping drawing projects simple and symmetrical, they will support the confidence of children as they learn to draw and explore more of their abilities. … Read More

Draw a Dolphin

Learning how to draw a dolphin can be tricky as they have so many curves to them. This tutorial simplifies the steps, without losing any of the fun details. I think it helps to think of him as a banana with a tail. That long and narrow mouth looks just like the stem to me. If you like this tutorial, … Read More

Draw a Pterodactyl

Here’s how to draw a Pterodactyl that features his wing span, which could be up to 30 feet wide. That’s much larger than any flying birds alive today. This prehistoric creature is made with lots of odd shapes, so be sure to fold your paper three times first to get the creases shown in my dashed lines. It will really … Read More

Draw a Humpback Whale

Learn how to draw a humpback whale, with all its unique features. Make sure he doesn’t get confused with all the other whale species swimming around in the ocean.   Here’s a tip: try coloring his belly lighter than the top, to create a kind of two tone look. Use the same crayon, just with different pressure. Also, if you … Read More

Draw an Elephant, Step by Step

An elephant drawing step by step tutorial that keeps things simple, yet realistic. Great for when you need to write a report about this amazing animal. There’s also a bit of a perspective lesson in that the two legs that are furthest away need to be just a bit shorter than the front ones. A small detail, but important one … Read More

How to Draw a Tree

Here’s how to draw a tree in nine easy steps. Learning to draw split branches will make your trees will look much more life like. Make sure the branches are all skinnier than the trunk, and then have pointy ends. For some reasons, the students I had tended to draw trees that looked more like planks with blunt ends. All … Read More

Draw a Koala Bear

Learn how to draw a koala bear, and then add a baby. This may look detailed, but it’s really just one bear drawn in two sizes. If you’d rather keep things simple, just draw the larger bear and add more bamboo trees in the background. The point is to keep things fun, until you are ready for a new challenge. … Read More

Draw a Tugboat

Use some very basic shapes to draw a tugboat in eight simple steps. Then learn how to make two shades of blue with one crayon. I love how this tugboat manages to look cute and simple at the same time. If you like this tutorial, I have 200 more just like it in my “How to Draw” ebook that is … Read More

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Art Projects for Kids