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How to Draw Santa’s Sleigh

Learning how to draw Santa’s sleigh might be easier than you think. A profile view will let you concentrate on just one side.

how to draw Santa's Sleigh
how to draw Santa's Sleigh

Drawing Santa’s sleigh may sound rather complicated at first. After all, if you imagine Santa, with his beard and hat and clothes, sitting inside this unusually shaped sled with skis, that can sound pretty complex.

Why not keep it simple, and just have a side view of this sled, and pretend Santa is off delivering some of the packages we see inside? That sounds much more manageable, and can still result in a very pretty colorful Christmas drawing.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Santa’s Sleigh

  1. Draw a can shape laying on its side.

  2. Draw a curvy sled shape above it.

  3. Copy the same shape inside.

  4. Add extra edging to front and back.

  5. Connect the two shapes and start the packages.

  6. Draw more stacked packages.

  7. Add ribbons to the packages.

  8. Add bows to the packages.

  9. Trace with a black marker and color away!

how to draw Santa's Sleigh

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