Kathy Barbro, Art Teacher

Looking for some fun drawing projects for your students?

That’s great! As you probably already know, there are more than a few resources to choose from these days.

Aside from printed books, there are a ton of drawing websites with sketches and videos and diagrams that ALL say they can teach your kids how to draw.

Everything from armadillos to zebras … and about a gazillion things in between.

Some of those online collections are large, some are small, and some look like they were designed by committee, given their random styles and subject matter. The point is there’s a LOT to sort through, especially given that many places just throw stuff up to see what sticks.

And so, dear teacher, let me save you a whole bunch of time and frustration and share why I think my tutorials are the ones that will work best for your students.

Simply stated, it’s because they:
1. Follow a consistent format.
Every drawing tutorial is broken down into nine easy steps, so students can see how the drawing starts and makes a logical progression to the end. Following directions is key to so many aspects of learning, whether it’s solving a math problem, doing a science experiment, or even building a Lego set. It just cannot be undervalued.

2. Are based on real classroom experience.
When you try hundreds of drawing ideas with hundreds of students over many, many years, you can’t help but start to see patterns. Symmetrical simple shapes tend to fare well, for example, while irregular curvy ones, do not. It takes time and patience to find those truisms, but seeing happy and proud students as a result is worth every minute.

3. High rates of success increase self-confidence and an interest in drawing more.
It’s pretty simple, if children judged themselves to be good (or at least competent) at drawing, they are likely to continue and want to learn more. More drawing leads to building more skills, and so on and so on.

I believe that if you help students take the mystery out of drawing during their formative years, you can instill the idea that it’s another skill that they or anyone can improve. And whether that interest carries them into future careers, or just remains a hobby, both options are just as valuable, and both can be just as rewarding.

— Kathy Barbro, Founder of ArtProjectsforKids.org

P.S. For a quick overview of my drawing tutorials, which grows by the day, please see my How to Draw Gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, so sorry, comments here are sometimes hard to catch in real time. Did you get help? Please email me at kathy@artprojectsforkids.org if you did not.

  2. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I’d be happy to do that, did you try emailing me? kathy@artprojectsforkids.org

  3. apantojas

    I haven’t receive a link to download the book.

  4. apantojas

    Hi. I just bought the ebook How to draw by paypal in $25 price, but you have a sale the same book by $19.00. Can I receive a discount in another sale?

  5. karimedesigns

    Hi! HELP!
    I just bought two of your ebooks and I’m not sure how to download them or where they are for that matter?? They are not in my orders account, they are not live links on my receipt.

  6. Kathleen Barbro

    Yes! (In case you didn’t get my other reply)

  7. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Ruth, I’m fine with you using my tutorials for your class. If you can mention where they came from I’d appreciate it!

  8. ruth.watkins-3634

    Thank you for your response. Today was the first time I found your response. I am just not sure how your site works. If I buy the ebook, am I able to use the How To Draw worksheets in class?


  9. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Melanie, please check your email to see if you got my email with your file attached. Thanks!

  10. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Victoria,
    I think that may be an older version that I can dig up and email you. Can you contact me at kathy@artprojectsforkids.org? I can reply with it attached. Thanks!

  11. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Ruth, so sorry for the wait. I’m fine with you sharing my tutorials in exchange for a credit to where they come from. Hope this isn’t too late. 🙂

  12. amorley

    Hi Kathy
    I live in Australia and I’m hoping to purchase a mural from your site.
    Unfortunately the area where you add the address won’t recognise my postcode or international phone number.
    Is there a way around this.
    Alison Morley

  13. ruth.watkins-3634

    Are the “how to” drawing guides free to use at a summer art camp?
    Ruth W

  14. marciafc81

    Hello I just purchase the book How to draw, But i dont see how to download it.
    thank you

  15. cfelton

    Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful murals. I do one each year with my second-graders. This spring, I sent a page to each student and they are emailing me photos of their colored panel to make an online mural. It’s been a real morale booster for me and the kids. – Christine

  16. amapola martinez

    Hi Kathy,
    It all went to my spam folder! Thank you so much for your help!

  17. Lilia Ortiz

    I just got the link.
    Thank you!

  18. Lilia Ortiz

    I just purchased a pdf collaborative mural but I can’t download it. How do I get it?

  19. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi! I was just thinking of sharing that as a freebie. If you email me at kathy@artprojectsforkids.org, I’ll send it to you. -Kathy

  20. jaqi

    Hello, I’ve seen a how to draw/painting project labeled ” watering can flowers ” but i cant find the instructions on your site . Is it in one of the bundles for purchase if so which one ? Id love to do this project with my 1st graders . I was having a hard time attaching the pitcher to it . thank you

  21. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I just replied with the mural attached. Let me know if you did not get it. -Kathy

  22. jenniferg70

    Hi, I just purchased a mural and did not create an account beforehand. Can you let me know how to access the pdf?

  23. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Karen, I just saw your message here, but I did already reply yesterday with your file attached. Please let me know if you did not receive that. -Kathy

  24. karenlandon3

    bought the obama mural twice with credit card. only need one mural. i was unable to download so assumed order did not go thru and tried again. how can i get this fixed?

  25. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Aisling, I just replied to your email with your file attached. -Kathy

  26. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I’ll look into that right now.

  27. Aisling Cormican

    I bought the Nelson Mandela collaborative art and got an email to say the transaction had gone through from PayPal but I can’t download it as it days payment is pending on my art projects account.

  28. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I just saw your comment. I’ll reply to your purchase email with the file attached. -Kathy

  29. ameliebrunet2

    Hello, I just purchased a mural (Klimt) and my order has been confirmed from Pay Pal, but when I log in my page there is no download available. Thanks

  30. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Stefan, I resent your file yesterday, did you receive it? – Kathy

  31. zammit.stefan

    Hi, I just purchased your Delaunauy mural. Have been able to download the file, but it is printing all sections as a full black page and not what is shown. Tried both pdfs (15 page and 24 page) and getting the same result for both.

  32. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Marla, I’ll look into that right now, sometimes the files end up in Spam folders. You can always email me at kathy(at)artprojectsforkids.org for faster help.

  33. marlawsmith74

    I ordered ebook have not received yet

  34. Kathleen Barbro

    I just sent you a new file, look for an email. – Kathy

  35. justmelz1


  36. asnider

    Hi, I made an order today and it is not showing up in my account. I noticed it is pending through my bank account already so I know that part worked.

  37. kfkislia

    I ordered this yesterday afternoon but never received my link. Could you please email me with it?

  38. Kathleen Barbro

    For some reason, your address is giving an error message. Do you have another? You can reach me at kathy(at)artprojectsforkids.org

  39. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, the PDF file sometimes ends up in spam folders, but I am happy to email it too.

  40. zrivas

    Hello, I just purchased also the missions project and created account. I have not received link. Can you let me know how to link accounts thanks.

  41. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, please just email me at kathy(at)artprojectsforkids.org and I can send files to you. I wish I could move things in accounts, but unfortunately cannot.

  42. stupper

    Our district changed our email addresses. How do I transfer the purchases I have previously made to my new address?

  43. analampoon

    Ooops , just checked my email, its there, thanks so much

  44. analampoon

    Hi, i have emailed you and still haven’t heard back, I would like to be able to get my download and start with my children. Many thanks

  45. analampoon

    Hi, I’d made a purchase and thought I created an account, how do I download my items now? thanks

  46. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, please email me as sometimes the links have been updated. kbarbro(at)pacbell.net. I’m happy to send you anything that you are having trouble with.

  47. mydy0305

    I purchased the tropical mural and a few others and it won’t let me download them. I thought that the purchase never expired.

  48. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, sometimes the emails end up in spam. Please email me at kathy(a)artprojectsforkids.com if you still need help. I can reply with the files attached.

  49. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, can you email me at kathy(at)artprojectsforkids.com? I can reply with the file attached.

  50. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, just checking, did you get your ebook? I can help faster if you email me.

  51. tpetrin

    I too made the mistake of purchasing the product before creating an account. How can I get the link to the email download?

  52. cdmosko

    Hola, soy de Argentina profesora de arte , hermosa la página, como consigo los libros y saber el precio. Gracias!! saludos.

  53. mrspeters

    I have just purchased Elements of Art Ebook but can’t find the link to download
    can you please help
    Thanks, Michelle (purchased it before I actually registered on the website so not sure if that makes a difference)

  54. Kathleen Barbro

    Sorry, I wish there was. I’m always available though for email resends.

  55. kmills299

    Hi Kathleen, I created my account after I purchased a product. Is there a way to link my account to my purchase?


  56. Kathleen Barbro

    I tried to email to your address used here (burpengary@helpinhandsnetwork.com.au) and it didn’t go through. Can you email me at kathybarbro(at)gmail.com so I can reply with it?

  57. Lina Proietto

    i have just purchased Landscape Ebook but cant find the link to download
    can you please help

  58. ceceg209

    Hi, I just purchased your Passport Project…but I don’t see the link to download it.

  59. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for your nice comment, and thoughtful request. I’d really love to help you out (and would enjoy doing so!) but I have long “To Do” list already that will probably take me through the end of the year. I’d be happy to put a full size tree on my list after that as it sounds like something that more teachers might be interested in. I’m not sure if that helps you, but I did want to get back to you before too much time has passed. Best wishes, Kathy

  60. lkoudijs

    Dear Ms. Barbro,
    First, thank you so much for sharing your awesome ideas! I am a senior kindergarten teacher and find your ideas inspiring!
    At our school, we have “school families” which are students SK-Grade 8 in groups of 12-14 students for special activities. I think doing a large mural would be fantastic. Your four season trees look like they could work for our 200+ students as an all school “school family” project.

    Here’s my question… after I explain my idea. I have a vision of the tree murals being combined into two trees (or possibly one tree). The tree pattern could be reversed or mirror image to make a right and a left side with the trunk being overlapped. I might be able to figure that idea out, but perhaps it would be a simpler task for you to do? I was just wondering if you would consider this idea?

    My further idea is to have an additional mural space for the top of the tree perhaps with some sky which would then enlarge the mural size. This could then become one large tree for each season or one large tree showing all four seasons. This could then be promoted to larger groups or be used as a growing idea where different parts are added at different times. Let me know what you think of my idea and if you would consider expanding your tree.

    It is the 50th anniversary of our school this year and I think this would be an amazing idea to do as a school community. Thank you for sharing so much of your talent, especially for those of us who love art, but are not trained and appreciate the inspiration and talent shared!

    Please let me know what you think of this idea. Perhaps this would open up a new avenue for you to share your talents with a larger group. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Lisa Koudijs

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