How to Draw a Dandelion

You could call this an abstract version of how to draw a dandelion. Turn the ends into dots while drawing with metallic markers on black paper. It’s a pretty addictive. This how to draw a dandelion tutorial shares my favorite way to make a radial design that results in pretty consistent lines and patterns, without and tedious measuring. It’s all … Read More

How to Draw a Tree

Here’s how to draw a tree in nine easy steps. Learning to draw split branches will make your trees will look much more life like. Make sure the branches are all skinnier than the trunk, and then have pointy ends. For some reasons, the students I had tended to draw trees that looked more like planks with blunt ends. All … Read More

Draw a Daffodil

A daffodil drawing step by step tutorial is all you need to create a pretty spring painting or drawing. Choose a media that lets you make your brightest yellow colors, and then get busy drawing or painting or coloring. Who needs to draw the same flower shapes again and again when you can make these daffodils, or buttercups? The simple … Read More

Simple Flowers to Draw

Looking for simple drawing ideas? These flowers come from an old Arts & Activities magazine, and work great for kinders as the lines are so basic. I’ve used it as one of the first direct draw lessons as it includes lots of words they are learning: straight, zig-zag, round, short, long, etc. The make the most of those cute wobbly … Read More

How to Draw eBook

Looking for a few How to Draw tutorials for your young artists? How about 200 of them? All in one ebook? Years of making tutorials for my after school classes has helped me discover what works best for those just beginning to draw. This giant ebook contains 200 projects that start with simple shapes students can most easily see, so … Read More

Pumpkin Drawing: Kinder – 2nd Grade

Pumpkin drawing for six and seven-year olds is a LOT different than those a few years older. Focusing on drawing symmetrical shapes takes lots of practice. Pumpkins just have it all when it comes to art projects. The built in ridges help show off their dimension so they don’t look like flat circles, and the bright orange color adds a … Read More

Fall Leaf Art Project

This crayon and watercolor resist is a simple fall leaf art project, but also a good lesson in adding texture. Try using warm colors inside the leaf, and cool on the outside so you have a lot of contrast. MATERIALS Multimedia paper Crayons Embroider Plastic Mesh mat for texture rubbing Liquid watercolor paint Large leaf templates (optional, but helpful for … Read More

Draw a Dandelion

Practice your fine marker skills with this dandelion drawing step by step project. Careful drawing and tracing will make a very pretty and delicate looking flower.  If you like to draw things that are organized and have a pattern, then you’ll probably love drawing these line are dandelions. I recommend drawing lightly with a pencil first, finding something to trace … Read More

Draw a Tulip

My “How to Draw a Tulip” tutorial shows just how well crayons and watercolor go together. It’s also a great example of a wet-on-wet watercolor technique that can create lovely multi-colored flowers. MATERIALS Download a Tulip Tutorial Watercolor paper (Strathmore is my favorite)* Black Sharpie marker Crayons Liquid watercolor paint* *The above product link is a referral. If you click … Read More

Draw a Flower

A fun way to show kinders how to draw a flower. Simple shapes with a twist of adding pins between the petals. MATERIALS • Download Pin Flower PDF tutorial • Drawing paper • Marker, thick black • Markers, assorted colors   DIRECTIONS Students draw their flowers according to the PDF tutorial After the pencil drawing is complete, students use thick … Read More

How to Draw a Pumpkin

There are many “How to Draw a Pumpkin” tutorials out there. This is my take on what I would share with older students, namely third through fifth graders. Students start with three round overlapping shapes, then add the inner lines. The different angles of each pumpkin make for a more interesting drawing. • View and download Pumpkin Tutorial MATERIALS • … Read More

Draw a Bushel of Apples

Here’s an easy apple drawing for kids because the basket is symmetrical, and the apples are easy to layer. If you can, try adding brown and yellow crayon lines to the basket before painting with watercolor for a bit of extra texture. MATERIALS Download Bushel of Apples Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw … Read More

Art Projects for Kids