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How to Draw a Four Leaf Clover Tutorial Video and Four Leaf Clover Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial video for how to draw a Four Leaf Clover and a Four Leaf Clover Coloring Page.

Four Leaf Clover Drawing Video

The internet is full of simple ways to learn how to draw a four leaf clover. As in, how to make four equal flat heart shaped petals that are attached to a stem. That’s great for when you’re just learning how to draw, but what about those that might want to make one look a little more like a real shape, and not just something cut out of paper? This tutorial shows two little techniques that a professional might use, if they wanted to make their four leaf clover drawing look a little more realistic.

Draw a Four Leaf Clover like the Pros Do

The first is making outlines that are not just one width all around, but kind of thick and thin. It’s easy to do, as you can start with a regular tracing of something, but then add just a little bit to the line in a few places. Some artists use this technique when they can only use a black color to hint at a shadow, and others use it just to add a bit of irregularity to the quality of their lines. Either way, it changes the art from looking like a computer drew it, and makes it look more handmade, if you will.

The other technique to adding a bit of depth to a drawing is adding some simple highlight spots. This clover has some imagined shiny spots drawn with a lighter crayon color and is then filled in as solidly as the area around it. You don’t need to have a colors that are really close, just being in the same family will do. These two greens work great, and should be a choice that almost everyone has in their crayon box. Those that have even darker greens can add a little of that color in the places my sample drawing does.

So there you go! A four leaf clover tutorial that shows you how to draw one like the pros do – all hand drawn looking with shiny spots and dark shadows. I hope it helps even the “big“ kids make a really fun drawing this St. Patrick’s Day!

Use the Button below to download a Tutorial

Four Leaf Clover Coloring Page


  • Drawing Paper. This is the good stuff you can buy in bulk for a good price.
  • Pencils. I like how this brand always makes nice dark lines.
  • Black Marker. A permanent marker will give you a dark black color.
  • Crayons. The larger packs are nice for more color choices.
  • Note: All of the above are Amazon affiliate links.

Step by Step Directions for a Clover Drawing

Time needed: 45 minutes

Draw an Easy Four Leaf Clover

  1. Draw a simple stem.

  2. Add four curved spine lines as shown.

  3. Draw a heart around one of the spines.

  4. Do the same on the next spine.

  5. And the same on the next spine.

  6. And the last spine.

  7. Trace and make some lines thicker than others.

  8. Draw highlight spots with a light green crayon.

  9. Color the clover with a medium crayon. Add shadows with a darker one if you want.

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