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Easy How to Draw Leprechaun Feet Tutorial and Leprechaun Feet Coloring Page

Students learn how to draw Leprechaun Feet and get some fun symmetrical drawing practice with an easy step by step tutorial.

After seeing all the fun students had drawing elf legs last winter, it seemed that a lesson in drawing leprechaun legs was an obvious next step. And why not have fun focusing on those extra fancy shoes it seems all leprechauns wear?

Please note though, that although this is a great lesson in symmetry, all those funky little curves do make this a more complex project for students to draw on their own. It’s good practice for older ones to figure out, but younger, like first or even second graders might struggle. Especially if they haven’t had much practice in symmetrical drawing yet.

There is a solution though. Try making a single shoe template for those younger students so they can trace it and flip it to get their drawing started. Students will still get the concept that symmetry means for something to be “mirrored” but won’t get bogged down in getting started. They will benefit from the given size, and will still have plenty of ways to get creative as they complete their stockings and coat. Modifying a themed project for different grade levels is one biggest lessons I learned from being a classroom art teacher for over ten years.

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Leprechaun Feet Coloring Page

Materials for Leprechaun Feet Project

Step by Step Directions for Leprechaun Feet Project

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Leprechaun Legs

  1. Draw symmetrical heels and arches.

  2. Continue with the back heels.

  3. Continue the tops of the shoe.

  4. Finish with symmetrical toes.

  5. Add the bottom sole lines on the shoes.

  6. Draw the ankles and pant cuffs.

  7. Finish the pants and jacket.

  8. Draw the buckles and leg stripes.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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