How to Draw a Windmill

Learn how to draw a windmill … on a paper plate.  It’s in the style of Danish art, costs pennies, and makes for a great display. This clever idea to paint a windmill on a paper plate comes from Dream, Draw, Create. It’s another great alternative when you don’t have good watercolor paper to work with. I found these uncoated … Read More

Draw a Pagoda

Learn how to draw a Pagoda in this step by step tutorial. A great chance to practice curvy symmetry, with those very interesting roof lines. A pagoda is a tiered building that can be found in Eastern Asia. Some are temples, but some are built just to continue their architectural history. If you are looking for more simple tutorials like … Read More

Drawing Big Ben

Drawing Big Ben gets easier when you have some grid paper and a tutorial to follow. It’s all about simplifying all those many little shapes that are found all over this historic landmark. For more landmark tutorials like this one, please see “Draw World Landmarks” in my PDF Shop. MATERIALS View and download Big Ben Tutorial Grid paper, 1/4″ lines … Read More

How to Draw the Notre Dame Cathedral

Someone on the news recently said that “to see Notre Dame was to witness the brilliant thinking that went in to making it.” Notre Dame’s architecture is noted for its intricacies, but on very fundamental level, it is a beautifully balanced and symmetrical building that students can appreciate more fully with a tutorial that makes it easier to see those … Read More

Draw the US Capitol

A US Capitol building drawing is quite a study of symmetry. I made this tutorial with some simplification to help older students see all that lovely detail. It has housed the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate for two centuries. I’ve made a tutorial that includes graph paper to help students align all of its beautiful … Read More

How to Draw eBook

Looking for a few How to Draw tutorials for your young artists? How about 200 of them? All in one ebook? Years of making tutorials for my after school classes has helped me discover what works best for those just beginning to draw. This giant ebook contains 200 projects that start with simple shapes students can most easily see, so … Read More

Draw the White House

If you are studying American symbols, here’s how to draw the White House. Many of its shapes have been simplified to keep students from getting frustrated, but the overall balance and shape is true to the real thing. I’ve found that there’s nothing like some grid paper to help students draw buildings, so my download tutorial has an extra page … Read More

How to Draw a Haunted House

When students learn how to draw a haunted house, they can practice their architectural drawing while making their houses look spooky. • View and download Haunted House Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Haunted House tutorial • Multimedia paper • Black Sharpie • Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS 1. You could begin with a discussion of what so-called haunted houses … Read More

Draw a Cafe

If your students are interested in learning how to draw simple buildings, then this French cafe is right up their alley. My experience has been that students LOVE to draw old fashioned doors and awnings, so this is bound to capture their attention. MATERIALS Download French Cafe PDF template Multimedia paper Black Sharpie marker Tempera cake paints DIRECTIONS Prep: Print … Read More

Draw a Midieval Castle

There are many ways to draw a castle. Here’s a step by step castle drawing with a fairy tale quality to it. MATERIALS View and download Midieval Castle Tutorial Drawing paper Black Sharpie marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Draw the castle according to the instructions shown on the tutorial. Trace all the lines with a black marker. Color all of the … Read More

Draw the Statue of Liberty’s Face

I created this How to Draw the Statue of Liberty tutorial for kinders, who often study symbols of the United States. Concentrating on just drawing her face and crown are pretty manageable if you break them down into simple steps. • View and download Lady Liberty’s Portrait PDF Tutorial MATERIAL • Watercolor paper • Sharpie marker, chisel tip • Crayons … Read More

Draw 3D Buildings

My favorite 3D drawing step by step tutorial is also an excellent example of turning a Shape into a Form (both Elements of Art). If you have purchased my “Recycled Art Journal” ebook, this project is an excellent addition as it covers three Elements of Art in one lesson. You will just need to trim the paper to the journal’s … Read More

Draw an Easy Haunted House

There are many, many ways to draw a haunted house, but may favorite are the quirky city type with some unusual architectural features. MATERIALS Draw an Urban Haunted House PDF Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw … Read More

Draw a Cottage

If you want to draw a cute cottage house, then you can also surround it with the landscaping of your dreams too. MATERIALS Download Cottage PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw the cottage in … Read More

Draw Russian Buildings

Architecture for kids can include drawing buildings from different countires. Those is Russia are fun and colorful and  have “ice cream” topped towers. MATERIALS •  Russian Buildings PDF Tutorial • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker • Crayola crayons DIRECTIONS 1. Students follow tutorial to draw the buildings in pencil. 2. The art is traced with a marker. 3. The buildings … Read More

Draw a Country House

There are many, many ways to draw a house. Don’t get stuck drawing them the same way every time. Try moving things around a bit, as with this country house tutorial. MATERIALS • View and download Country House PDF tutorial • Drawing paper • Black Sharpie marker • Crayons DIRECTIONS PREP OPTION: Print guide lines on each paper. 1. Students use … Read More

How to Draw the Eiffel Tower

I’ve found that most How to Draw the Eiffel Tower tutorials out there are either overly simple or overly complex. I made this one to find a happy medium.  • View and download Eiffel Tower Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Eiffel Tower tutorial • Black marker • Crayons DIRECTIONS 1. Draw of print guide lines on paper. They really … Read More

How to Draw a Store

Here is how to draw a store, which children can easily turn into something for pets, candy, clothes, toys, etc. My experience is that young students, as young as five or six, love to buildings from their surroundings. Adding a very simple awning to a pretend store makes it a little extra special. MATERIALS Draw a Shop PDF Tutorial Drawing … Read More

Edward Hopper Tutorial

Teach simple watercolor techniques with this Edward Hopper for kids art project. Subtle colors make for amazing shadows. I’ve made a simple drawing and painting tutorial that resembles his Lighthouse Hill painting. • View and download Edward Hopper PDF Tutorial MATERIALS Watercolor paper Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper. Students follow the … Read More

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