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How to Draw an Igloo

Learn how to draw this dome shaped igloo with easy step by step instructions. Curved lines do the trick.

How to draw an igloo
How to draw an igloo

Igloos are familiar dome-shaped dwellings that are built from compacted snow itself. Inuit hunters would often build igloos as a temporary shelter while on their hunting trips.

Igloo walls provide shelter from the outside wind, which makes a big difference when trying to stay warm comfortable when out in the elements. The igloo acts as an insulator that makes use of ones own body heat to warm up the interior. If there are quite a few people inside and they also light a small fire, the inside of an igloo can even reach about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even when the outside temperature is -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

As drawing projects go, students will find themselves using several of the ELEMENTS OF ART to make their igloo look as realistic as possible. They will start with a basic half circle SHAPE, then add curved LINES to indicate the snow bricks, and then a light VALUE of blue for some simple shadows. Oh, and if a small eskimo is added to the background, he or she give the drawing some extra SPACE. Not bad for one drawing!

If your students need a review of what the ELEMENTS OF ART are, I have a worksheet posted HERE. It will help them think and talk with more detail about their work, which is always a helpful thing.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw an Igloo

  1. Draw a large upside down C shape.

  2. Connect the bottom with a curve.

  3. Start the door with another upside down curve.

  4. Draw the inside curve of the opening.

  5. Connect it to the dome.

  6. Draw the curved horizontal lines as shown.

  7. Add alternating vertical lines as shown.

  8. Finish the details to the opening and add a background.

  9. Trace with a marker and color with crayons.

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