Winter Art Project: Geometric Trees

This winter art project is about learning to mix different shades of green. Keep the drawing simple so there’s plenty of time to experiment.  MATERIALS • Multimedia Paper • Crayola Watercolor Mixing Set • Crayons • Hole Punch • White paper, scraps • White glue   DIRECTIONS 1. To begin, I asked the students to draw at least three triangles … Read More

Scratch Art Mitten

Mittens and scratch art make for some really creative winter art activities. You can practice making different textures by just scratching way. MATERIALS Multimedia paper Ruler Oil pastels, I recommend Portfolio brand Wood stylus (Optional) PDF mitten template, for kinder and first graders DIRECTIONS Use the ruler to draw a frame all around the edge of the paper. You can … Read More

Easy Winter Snowflake Art

My favorite thing about this winter snowflake art is the plastic trading card sleeves that instantly make the art look laminated. Hides any imperfect gluing too. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Art Trading Cards Liquid watercolor paint Salt Card stock paper, white Snowflake punch, vintage Glue stick Scissors Plastic trading card sleeves DIRECTIONS Use liquid watercolor paints on watercolor paper cut to … Read More

Easy Snowman Drawing

My students needed some easy snowman drawing directions, so I make this diagram. Simple adjustment of the face and buttons can add a lot of dimension. Consider making a snowman art show with lots of these guys all lined up looking around and in different directions. So much more fun than every one just looking straight ahead. MATERIALS Drawing paper, … Read More

Cute Polar Bear

This could be the world’s easiest way to make a cute polar bear drawing. I like using markers to keep the whites white, but any media will do. MATERIALS View and download Snow Bear Tutorial Drawing paper Black, red and blue markers   DIRECTIONS Draw the snow bear according to the tutorial. Trace all the lines with a black marker. … Read More

Cardinal Painting

When it comes to winter painting ideas for kids, this cardinal has been a favorite for years. The red and blue colors always make such a pretty image. • View and download Cardinal PDF tutorial MATERIALS • Multimedia or watercolor paper • Sharpie, black, fine tip • Crayons • Liquid watercolor DIRECTIONS 1. Draw a cardinal and tree branch in … Read More

Cute Penguin Drawing

Here are step by step instructions for a pretty cute penguin drawing with a hat and scarf. Follow my guide lines to help you get started. If you need something a little more realistic, the hat and scarf could be dropped. Either way, this guy is made from some pretty simple symmetrical shapes so ever first graders would have fun … Read More

Homemade Snow Globe

Make your own homemade snow globe with just a plastic cup and some Model Magic. Add a Santa hat for some extra holiday fun. I saved this homemade snow globe project to introduce kinders to Model Magic for years and loved it. The cups kept their snowman creations safe and air tight so they stayed nice a fresh for quite … Read More

How to Paint Snowy Skies

One of my favorite winter art projects for kids uses bleeding tissue paper to create a lovely swirl of snowy skies with just the right mix of color. All you need to do is overlap little squares of bleeding tissue paper on wet watercolor paper, wait a moment, and remove. The color left behind does all its magic. You would … Read More

Cute Snowman Drawing

A cute snowman drawing doesn’t have to be small and flat. In fact, they are a great subject to make look more dimensional. If you start with an old CD for tracing, you’ll be guaranteed to get your snowman off to a great start. Getting that first circle down on the paper (not too big, not too small) makes all … Read More

Zentangle Patterns for Beginners

These snowflakes make great zentangle patterns for beginners. They may look complex, but are made from just adding lots of arrows to my star template. I tried out some new Stabilo markers for this drawing, and totally love the pointMax set. The tips are nice and firm, so it makes them a pleasure to draw with. The company makes other … Read More

Winter Trees and Tissue Paper Skies

You can make this winter tree drawing with the help of bleeding tissue paper. Just apply water to small squares and they leave behind amazing swirly winter skies. This worked for a series of art trading cards today, but I can’t wait to try it on a larger format. You would think that a bunch of tissue squares would leave … Read More

Snowman Handmade Greeting Cards

Make your own handmade greeting cards with my sticker snowman project. Animate your snowman by moving the arms and hat and adjusting placement of the face. These snowman trading cards make use of a trading card sleeve to line them up for display, but you always just glue the cards to a folded sheet to make a card. I love how … Read More

Draw a Cardinal

You need to keep shapes really simple if you want to learn how to draw a cardinal. This one was inspired by a stock art illustration. • View and download Cardinal Tutorial   MATERIALS • Multimedia Paper • Sharpie marker, black • Oil Pastels   DIRECTIONS 1. On a horizontal sheet of paper, students draw a cardinal in pencil, following … Read More

Snowy Winter Silhouette Painting

You can make the most of some easy painting ideas if you start with a limited palette (like cool colors) and then allow time for layers to dry. This pretty silhouette comes from first painting the background, then a black silhouette in the foreground. Easy, yet very striking. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper, 9″ x 12″ • Tempera paint: blue, violet, … Read More

Draw Santa’s Face

Need an easy way to make a Santa Claus face drawing? If so, here’s a simple approach drawing just his head. And if you work on brown kraft paper, you will get a nice old-fashioned look, along with the chance to color a nice white beard and fuzzy hat brim. • View and download Santa PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Color … Read More

Snowy Winter Tree Painting

I’ve found this tree painting easy enough for even very young students, like first and second grade. Studying their basic structure will help them draw more realistically. I’ve posted my favorite method of drawing “Y Trees” before but this time it’s with a winter theme. • Draw a “Y” Tree Post MATERIALS • Multimedia paper • Oil Pastel, black • … Read More

Snowflakes on Textured Paper

Here is one way to make some easy snowflake art. Try blending several shades of blue on good watercolor paper and sprinkle salt to add more texture. Brush it off when dry and glue down punched out paper snowflakes. Super simple and gets amazing results every time. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper (try Strathmore for special occasions) • White card stock … Read More

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