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How to Draw a Cartoon Bear

Learn how to draw a cartoon bear with a fun winter hat and scarf. The shapes are simple and lots of fun to decorate.

What makes a drawing more of a cartoon than a regular drawing? Well, in my opinion, it’s when the features become more of a symbol of what they are, and not so much what they really look like. For instance, the eyes on this bear are just two dots, and the mouth a curved line. The shapes and proportions are all there, just very simplified.

When the purpose is more about making a fun, seasonal drawing (hello hat and scarf!) exploring the world of cartoon drawing is a great way for young artists to get started. They can spend more of their time on the creative additions instead of detailed features.



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Snow Bear

  1. Draw a large U, connect the top.

  2. Add two small ears.

  3. Draw a brim for the hat.

  4. Finish the hat and add ball.

  5. Draw the face.

  6. Draw the scarf and shoulders.

  7. Add two scarfs.

  8. Fill brim and scarf with patterns.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

  1. ll13001

    Ok, it was good but…The brim part looks like the step before it there’s no brims for pattern. When you color it there is, but steps don’t show it :0. Thank you

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