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How to Draw Fireworks

This radial symmetry drawing can also help you learn how to draw fireworks.

how to draw fireworks

It’s a fun exercise and good fine motor skills practice too. It takes some dedication to filling up a page, but when you have – bam! Colorful art!

• Journal page or drawing paper
• Pencil crayon or crayons


1. Students to place about 5 dots random dots on the page with a crayon or pencil crayon. Starting with one dot, they draw squiggle lines around it which radiate outwards. It should look like a small flower.
2. Next they switch colors and draw a squiggle band around that center flower. They repeat this process until they have their flower / firework fairly large.
3. Students may decide when to stop and switch to the next dot, continuing until they bump into each other. This is repeated with all the dots until the shapes overlap each other and fill up the page.

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