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How to Draw Uncle Sam

Learn how to draw Uncle Sam and add him to your upcoming patriotic celebrations. His colorful yet simplified suit is easy for artists of all ages.

Drawing of Uncle Sam

According to Britannica.com, Uncle Sam is a popular symbol for the United States who is usually associated with a cartoon figure having long white hair and chin whiskers and dressed in a swallow-tailed coat, vest, tall hat, and striped trousers. His appearance is derived from two earlier symbolic figures in American folklore: Yankee Doodle, a British-inspired nickname for American colonials during the American Revolution, and Brother Jonathan, a rural American wit who, by surprising displays of native intelligence, always triumphed over his adversaries in plays, stories, cartoons, and verse.

This tutorial will help students draw Uncle Sam with his trademark clothes that are full of red, white and blue stars and stripes. The suit has been simplified so that young artists can get in some body proportion practice while drawing this fun, patriotic figure.

Preview of step by step Uncle Sam tutorial



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Uncle Sam

  1. Start a simple head and hat.

  2. . Add the beginning of the coat below.

  3. Draw the pants below.

  4. Add the shoes and sleeves.

  5. Draw two hands as shown.

  6. Complete the face, hair and ears.

  7. Add the beard and hat details.

  8. Finish coat, tie and stripes on pants.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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