How to Draw a Sea Shell

Just in time for summer fun, a new tutorial for how to draw sea shells. Color them realistically, or with your favorite colors. When  you can’t draw from real life, try using this tutorial for drawing a few different types of seashells. After all, they are symmetrical by nature, and rather fun to add your own design to. If you like … Read More

How to Draw the Pyramids

Follow this step by step tutorial to not only learn how to draw the pyramids, but also how to place them in their natural surroundings, hot sun and sand and shadows and all. After drawing your pyramid in its natural setting, you could get out paint and mix some colors to get two shades of sand. OR, you could use … Read More

How to Draw Perspective Landscape

Here’s a simple landscape tutorial that illustrates how to draw perspective with a vanishing point. It shows just how much space can be implied in your drawing, simply by paying attention to lines and scale. The road that narrows, and the trees that get smaller and smaller, all add up to a scene with a very distant look. If you … Read More

Draw a Beach

Learn how to draw a beach with a few fun extra items. An umbrella, pail and ball will tell everyone exactly where you are. Even the simplest of drawings can ooze charm, when drawn by children. Keep the shapes simple, encourage diligent coloring and you’ll probably end up with a lovely little masterpiece to frame yourself! Wish you had more … Read More

Edward Hopper Landscape Tutorial

Teach simple watercolor techniques with this Edward Hopper for kids art project. Students will enjoy making this lovely landscape in his style. This simple tutorial resembles Edward Hopper’s Lighthouse Hill painting. The simple home and lighthouse are easy to draw, which also makes for easy painting. If you have students that are ready to add shadows to their work, this … Read More

Draw a Farm

This how to draw a farm tutorial was inspired by the Becker Middle School blog. They took more of a map like approach to drawing a farm with lots of fields, trees, etc. Challenge your students to create their own fields in all the divided up areas. Different crops have different colors, all which make for a much more interesting … Read More

Draw Boats in a Seaside Town

This boat drawing for kids tutorial includes a cute seaside town, because they don’t always have to be floating off by themselves. If you like the colors in my sample, it’s because I used my favorite brand of markers. They come in a wide array of colors, are easy to color with, and hard to dry out. Try them out … Read More

How to Draw a Tree

Here’s how to draw a tree in nine easy steps. Learning to draw split branches will make your trees will look much more life like. Make sure the branches are all skinnier than the trunk, and then have pointy ends. For some reasons, the students I had tended to draw trees that looked more like planks with blunt ends. All … Read More

How to Draw eBook

Looking for a few How to Draw tutorials for your young artists? How about 200 of them? All in one ebook? Years of making tutorials for my after school classes has helped me discover what works best for those just beginning to draw. This giant ebook contains 200 projects that start with simple shapes students can most easily see, so … Read More

Sharpie Trees with Snow Shadows

Winter art projects for elementary students work best, I believe, when the subject and supplies are kept simple, simple, simple. The shadows cast by the moon are easy to see on the winter snow and offer a beginning lesson in perspective. For more drawing tutorials, see my “How to Draw” ebook in my PDF Shop. MATERIALS • View and download Winter … Read More

Pumpkin Drawing: 3rd Grade and Up

To follow my pumpkin lesson for very young elementary students, here’s how to draw a pumpkin with older ones. I’ve added overlapping and shadows. Pumpkins just have it all when it comes to art projects. The built in ridges help show off their dimension so they don’t look like flat circles, and the bright orange color is so festive to … Read More

Landscape Sketch for Beginners

If you learn to add layers when sketching landscapes, your art with have much more depth to it. Follow this formula to make a simple winter drawing that creates all three layers in a very simple format. MATERIALS • Layered Landscape PDF Tutorial (link below) • Multimedia Paper • Pencil • Oil Pastels, I prefer the Portfolio brand DIRECTIONS 1. … Read More

Draw a Lighthouse

Here’s how to draw a lighthouse on an island. Plenty of room to add some fun ships in the surrounding water. MATERIALS View and download Lighthouse PDF tutorial Drawing paper Black Sharpie marker, fine tip Crayola crayons DIRECTIONS PREP: Print PDF tutorial for each student. Lightly draw a center guidelines on the drawing paper with a pencil or fold to … Read More

Draw a Tree with Your Hand

I saw this idea for drawing a tree on, and love showing kids how lines can give dimension to their art. MATERIALS Download Draw a Hand Tree Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS The students first trace their hand on a piece of paper. When finished, they should make the tops of their fingers very pointy. Vertical lines … Read More

Draw a Fall Tree

For this easy tree drawing, try thinking of it as a series of branches, and not just a fluffy shape that sits on one stick. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper • Oil Pastels, I like the Portfolio brand for blending DIRECTIONS 1. Students draw a large “Y” on their paper. 2. They add smaller “Y”  on each side, alternating as they go … Read More

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