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How to Draw an Easy Landscape

Learn how to draw an Easy Landscape that has a simple fore, middle and background with this step by step tutorial.

Once students have mastered drawing houses and roads and hills, they can start to arrange all those elements in a way that adds some visual space to their art. (Space, by the way, is one of the Elements of Art.)

If you get students to think of landscapes has having a foreground, middle ground, and background, they can decide which shapes are in front of the others, and draw them accordingly.

Keeping those layers extra simple in the beginning will help, and this drawing with a clear front road layer, middle house layer, and the back hill layer are easy to see and understand. It basically is just using Lines and Shapes (more Elements of Art!) to create Space, and later students can learn how to add shading for even more depth.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Landscape

  1. Draw a ground line.

  2. Start the side of the house.

  3. Finish the front of the house.

  4. Draw simple trees on the side.

  5. Add another ground line.

  6. Add hills in the background.

  7. Draw a road in the foreground.

  8. Add clouds in the sky.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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