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How to Draw a Goldfish

Learn how to draw a goldfish with this easy step by step tutorial, and then try your hand at layering colors with crayon. Some pretty blending just might happen!

How to Draw a Goldfish
Drawing of a Goldfish

Most children learn to draw very simplified fish, when they are starting out, which is actually helpful when they are just figuring out how to get the shapes they want down on paper.

But after they notice that those simplified shapes don’t account for all the many kinds of fish they know of, they might be ready to draw the very familiar goldfish with some more details. This one has the fancy flowy tail, which is not that hard to draw, and might add some extra fun.

How to Draw a Goldfish
Preview of the step by step Goldfish tutorial



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Goldfish

  1. Draw the main fish body.

  2. Add a flowing tail.

  3. Draw the face with an eye and mouth.

  4. Add a pectoral fin.

  5. Erase the gray line and add dorsal fin.

  6. Add line details inside the fins.

  7. Add line details inside the tail.

  8. Draw some scale texture. Add bubbles in the water.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.


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