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How to Draw a Fish

Learn how to draw a fish with this easy step by step tutorial. It only takes a few more steps to make him look like an extra real one.

how to draw a Fish
how to draw a Fish

If any of your students have ever said “this is how I draw fish”, and then proceeded to draw a very generic one? If so, it might be time to show them how many how to draw one with a few more real life details.

This tutorial is based on the bluegill species that is found in North American waterways, and very possibly one that some some have fished for before. They are some of the most popular breed in the sport of fishing.

This bluegill does have the basic eye shape that most students tend to draw, and the familiar fins, but with a bit more work, can look SO much more like a real fish.

There’s a narrowness that connects to the tail, and the fins have both smooth AND pointy edges. Small changes that are not that hard to draw, and end up making a big difference in one’s study of a fish.

Lastly, when it comes to coloring, the iridescent color is admittedly tricky to do if one was still going for realism. However, just making the bellies lighter than the rest of the body is easy, and true for most fish in any body of water. Easy, peasy.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Fish

  1. Start the fish body.

  2. Finish with the tail.

  3. Draw the face.

  4. Add pectoral fin, and start top dorsal fin.

  5. Add the lines to the dorsal fin.

  6. Finish dorsal fin and draw bottom fins.

  7. Finish bottom fins.

  8. Add some random scales.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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How to draw a fish

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