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Easy How to Draw a Valentine Teddy Bear and Valentine Teddy Bear Coloring Page

Here’s how to draw an easy Valentine Teddy Bear with a big red heart, perfect for a homemade card. Simple shapes make it easy for all ages.

Since the creation of the first teddy bears which sought to imitate the form of real bear cubs, “teddies” have greatly varied in form, style, color, and material. Some have even become collectors items, with old and rare ones appearing at public auctions.

The name “teddy bear” has a pretty interesting history to it. A story goes that President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was once on a hunting trip and refused to shoot a defenseless bear. A subsequent cartoon of the event inspired some savvy toymakers of the day to create the very first “Teddy’s Bear”. The rest, as they say, is history.

As a drawing choice though, teddy bears are the perfect subject matter for young children. They know what one looks like, have much affection for them, and can easily draw their simple bodies. Top it off with a ton of coloring options, and you have a fun drawing project for any day, but maybe especially Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Teddy Bear Coloring Page

Materials for Valentine Teddy Bear Project

Step by Step Directions Valentine Teddy Bear Project

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Teddy Bear

  1. Draw the round head shape.

  2. Add two ears.

  3. Draw two eyes with spots.

  4. Add the nose and mouth.

  5. Draw a large U for belly.

  6. Add two simple arms.

  7. Draw two legs.

  8. Add pads to the feet, and a heart.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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