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Draw a Baby Yoda Valentine

Learn how to make a Baby Yoda Valentine by drawing him holding a heart. Homemade cards don’t get much cuter than this.

Baby Yoda Valentine
Baby Yoda Valentine Drawing
Baby Yoda Valentine
Preview of step by step Baby Yoda Valentine tutorial

If your students are fans of Baby Yoda, and want to make their Valentine cards look extra cool this year, then this tutorial might be just what they need. Sure, super artsy Valentine cards that look like fine art are always nice, but sometimes it’s fun to make a connection to contemporary things too. After all, if students find they can draw something (or someone) that they totally recognize, who knows where that might lead?

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Fo those that notice the cool little shadows on Baby Yoda, and want to get the same look for their drawing, I highly recommend the combination of Stabilo® Power Wallet markers and real drawing paper. The Stabilo markers are great for layering color, and drawing paper (as opposed to just copy paper) seems to make them show up the best. I tried out many different brands over the years, before settling on these.

Baby Yoda Valentine Coloring Page


  • Draw a Baby Yoda Valentine PDF Tutorial (see above)
  • Drawing Paper
  • Black Sharpie marker, fine tip
  • Stabilo Power Wallet Markers


Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Baby Yoda Valentine

  1. Start the head as shown.

  2. Draw two symmetrical ears.

  3. Draw the sides of the robe.

  4. Finish the robe as shown.

  5. Draw two eyes, including the spots.

  6. Add frown lines, nose and mouth.

  7. Draw two sleeves and hands.

  8. Erase gray line, add heart and background.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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