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How to Draw Hello Kitty

Learn how to draw Hello Kitty with this easy step by step tutorial. Dress her up and add a simple background for a very sweet drawing.

Hello Kitty Drawing

Hello Kitty, a fictional character created by a Japanese company over 40 years ago, is actually intended to be a little girl, not a cat. According to her back story, she is forever a 3rd grader who lives outside London.

Hello Kitty has since became a staple in the kawaii market in Japanese pop culture, and is now only second in popularity only to the Pokemon series.

The word kawaii literally means the culture of cuteness in Japan. If you have students that are drawn to this kind of art, it’s a very fun world to explore. The drawing style has a bit more of design to it as there is a kind of a formula for drawing kawaii, but that’s also what makes it very fun for young artists to try out.

Preview of the step by step Hello Kitty tutorial
Hello Kitty Coloring Page



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Hello Kitty

  1. Draw the circle head.

  2. Add noses, eyes, ears, whiskers.

  3. Draw a single bow.

  4. Erase the lines inside the bow.

  5. Draw the dress with a bow.

  6. Add the legs below.

  7. Draw two arms with sleeves.

  8. Add a simple background.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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