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Pop Art Lesson: How to Draw a Colorful Landscape

Try mixing colorful patterns with a simple subject matter for this Pop Art Lesson. Keep the shapes simple and the colors bright.

Pop art lesson
Pop art lesson

Pop art was an art movement that emerged in the 1950s and drew inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture. Thanks to masters like Andy Warhol, David Hockey, and Keith Haring, the movement marked the end of modernism and celebrated the beginning of contemporary art.

In terms that children would understand though, Pop Art is short for “Popular Art”, and this project simply asks students to take the idea of large colorful patterns like those found sometimes in popular comic books, and apply them to a simple landscape.

For the best results, please share these two coloring tips:

  • DO use a thick black marker for the drawing, so that the lines really stand out.
  • DO use similar (analogous) colors when filling in the patterns. Doing so will keep each shape, such as the grass, “reading” as one shape. Too much contrast and everything just visually starts to break up and you have more of a lesson in camouflage, which is another topic all together.



Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Pop Art Landscape

  1. Draw a gentle wavy horizon line.

  2. Add a gentle wavy foreground line.

  3. Draw a simple house.

  4. Add a couple of tree trunks.

  5. Add simple tree leaves.

  6. Fill foreground with large simple flowers.

  7. Fill trees and land with lines.

  8. Fill in the sky with circles.

  9. Trace in black and color.

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