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Mother and Baby Giraffe

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day projects to draw, this works for all ages. No need for lots of details, just a mom and baby giraffe, sharing some love.

This approach to drawing a giraffe works well for really young artists as there is no attempt to make the bodies look dimensional. The legs just kind of attach to the body in a flat way, and everything is overly simplified, but in the end I think that’s what adds to the charm.

This tutorial started out as just a baby and mom looking at each other, but years ago a kinder filled in their space between them with hearts. It was such a sweet and brilliant idea I have made it a part of my permanent instructions ever since. (Thank you Nora!)



Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Mom and Baby Giraffe

  1. Draw the adult giraffe and head.

  2. Start the bottom of the body.

  3. Add the simple legs.

  4. Add a face, mane and tail.

  5. Draw lots of spots and hoof lines.

  6. Start the baby giraffe.

  7. Finish the baby giraffe details.

  8. Add hearts and a ground line.

  9. Trace all (except spots) with a marker and color.

Giraffe Painting by Kaden

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