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How to Draw Simple Flowers

Learn how to draw simple flowers in all different shapes and sizes. Leaving some white space around them will make the colors extra bright.

how to draw simple flowers
How to Draw Simple Flowers

If your students seem to always draw the same type of flower, perhaps they might benefit from some extra inspiration.

For instance, daisies are very pretty, and easy to draw, but there are so many other possibilities. Flowers can have tulip shapes, circle shapes, extra sizes, extra layers of petals and fuzzy lines. The goal is to have a variety so students can have practice drawing all kinds of different lines, and filling them with lots of colors.

Once the flowers are traced with a permanent marker, this little white edge trick will not only make them look brighter, it will keep colors from running together. All you have to do, once the flowers have been filled in, is to remind students to not paint the blue to the edges of anything. If they leave a little “glow” around everything, their colors will all stay true and puddles should stay at a minimum.

how to draw simple flowers
Step by step tutorial of Simple Flowers drawing
Simple Flowers Coloring Page



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw Simple Flowers

  1. Start with a wiggly line for the ground.

  2. Draw a large flower in the center.

  3. Add another type of large flower on the right.

  4. Draw a third large flower on the left.

  5. Add a smaller type flower to the very left.

  6. Draw another smaller flower as shown.

  7. Draw a teeny flower to fill in as shown.

  8. Add two more small flowers. Finish with a sun.

  9. Trace with a permanent marker. Paint the flowers
    and grass. Paint the sky and leave white space.

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