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How to Draw a Bouquet of Flowers

Learn how to draw a bouquet of flowers with this easy step by step tutorial. A watering can makes a fun and colorful container.

How to draw a bouquet of flowers
A finished bouquet of flowers drawing
Time lapse of bouquet of flowers tutorial

Drawing a bouquet of flowers is a fun spring project of course, but you can work a lot of Elements of Art lessons in this too. For instance, the drawing will start by using LINES to fill up the paper in a nice and balanced way. Some of the curved ones on the watering can will make the SHAPE look more dimensional, instead of looking flat. The leaves that are added at the end will help fill up the SPACE. And the more variety of flowers that are added, the more COLOR the drawing will have.

If anyone is feeling extra ambitious, some shading on the side of the can would add some VALUE too. Or a crayon rubbing for some TEXTURE. All kinds of possibilities!

Please note that this makes for a very pretty watercolor painting too, there’s an example below under the directions. It was once one of my favorite art fundraiser projects as the results were always so fresh and pretty.

How to draw a bouquet of flowers
A preview of the step by step tutorial



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Bouquet of Spring Flowers

  1. Draw a simple can shape.

  2. Draw a flower, overlapping a bit.

  3. Erase inside, add three or more tulips.

  4. Draw curving stems for each.

  5. Fill in the background with leaves.

  6. Add a couple overlapping the front.

  7. Erase inside and draw the spout.

  8. Erase inside and add a handle.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

A bouquet of flowers as a watercolor resist painting

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