NEW! Frida Kahlo Mural

In honor of the amazing Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, I have created a new color-by-number posterized mural. It only uses 3 colors plus black, so there are lots of coloring possibilities. • View Frida Kahlo Mural template in PDF Shop MATERIALS • Card stock paper, 8.5″ x 11″ • Printer • Paper cutter • Oil pastels • Masking tape DIRECTIONS PREP: Print all the mural pages from the PDF file. Trim all pages to … Read More

Drawing Frida Kahlo

A few key features will help you learn how to draw artist Frida Kahlo like a pro. She was a Mexican self-portrait artist and feminist icon who was married to Diego Rivera. Draw her hair up, with flowers and classic heavy eyebrows, and there’s not much mistaking whose portrait you are drawing. • View and download Frida Kahlo PDF tutorial MATERIALS • Black card stock paper, or dark black construction paper • Pencil • … Read More

    Buildings Tutorial

    Overlapping buildings

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