Line Art Project Leaves

 OK, this is my new favorite line art project. Students learn to make leaves transparent by drawing them only with lines. These students are 1st graders and they really took their time and drew LOTS of lines. I think having quality markers made all the difference. MATERIALS Drawing paper Leaf stencils, or templates cut from posterboard Stabilo Markers, or other medium tip markers DIRECTIONS Students trace a leaf with a pencil. They add a … Read More

Harvest Banners from Willits, CA

 Thanks so much to Baechtel Grove Middle School in Willits, CA for sharing their work-in-progress Harvest banners. They look amazing! I recently made this new Harvest Banner template for my PDF shop after seeing how popular my hand drawn post was. I know that not everyone can sketch out giant ears of Indian corn, or even has time to, so I thought a template might be helpful. What want to thank this teacher for is … Read More

New Harvest Banner, $5 PDF Template

Now you can make your own Indian corn harvest banners for home, school or festivals with my latest PDF mural template. Buy it once and create as many giant ears of Indian corn that you could every possibly need. My sample has pretty realistic colors, but you could go abstract too with bright random colors. The simple corn shape will lend itself to all kinds of possibilities. Two template versions are included: one that … Read More

Fall Tissue Paper Leaf Collage

These are cut out tissue paper leaves outlined with a gold marker, and enhanced with just a bit of watercolor paint. MATERIALS Madras tissue paper Poster board or chip board for templates Scissors White card stock paper Glue stick, purple type may be most helpful Gold Sharpie marker, fine tip Crayola’s Watercolor Mixing Set   DIRECTIONS PREP: I used my “How to Draw a Maple Leaf” post to create a paper template for students. … Read More

Colored Pencil Fall Drawing

The first step in learning to draw with perspective is to notice that foreground items will appear larger than background ones. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Black marker • Pencil crayons   DIRECTIONS 1. Demonstrate how to draw a large tree to establish the foreground. Add a horizon line and smaller trees to create a distant background. Details may be added. 2. Students trace their pencil drawings with a black marker. 3. The drawing is colored in with colored pencils.

Fall Pickup Truck

  I wanted to do something different with my last watercolor class, but still keep it with the fall season, so I combined a simple truck and pumpkins. • View and download Pickup Truck Tutorial MATERIALS Print of Pickup Tutorial for each student Watercolor paper Sharpie marker Crayons Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print guidelines on the paper Students follow the tutorial to draw their truck. Pumpkins are added in the … Read More

Pattern Leaves

Coloring with Brush Sharpie Markers on acetate is pure pleasure, the color just glides on. The only catch is that colors can smudge when they touch, especially with black. My solution is to draw with black on one side and then color on the other so the two never actually touch each other. MATERIALS View and download Acetate Maple Leaf Photo Acetate Acetate Maple printout, see below Fine tip Sharpie Markers Brush Sharpie Markers … Read More

Simple Chalk Pastel Fall Landscape

Try starting with colored paper to give your chalk pastel drawings a little more punch, especially with simple fall landscapes.   MATERIALS Construction paper, orange or yellow Chalk pastels Spray fixative, if desired   DIRECTIONS 1. Starting with an orange or yellow sheet of construction paper, students draw a horizon line a quarter of the way down the paper with chalk. 2. Three round circles for the trees are drawn and filled in with … Read More

Zentangle Art Leaf Template

I created this leaf template years ago, after getting inspired by some Zentangle art. Here’s a fun project when studying lines as an element of art. Below is the link to download this new template, which includes my finished sample, and some additional student artwork. And if you join my email list at the same time, you’ll be sure to get my future freebies in your inbox, and not out floating in Facebook or … Read More

Chalk Pastel Drawing and Glue

Here is how I made my cover art for a new paper from Strathmore. It’s very thick and black, perfect for those projects that always made construction paper flop and wrinkle. I’m not sure which art stores carry it, but it’s available at good old Amazon right now (see my link below). Follow the steps below to see just how I made this art. Once the design was chosen, it was easy! MATERIALS • … Read More

Mixing Colors for a Fall Leaf

There is no digital replacement for mixing colors for a fall leaf painting, and I was reminded again how much kids just love the unknown of stirring two colors together. I’ve come to believe that the more open ended mixing projects you can find, the better. This one was about using three pigments to make varying shades of warm colors. Students could combine yellow, red, and white in any proportions they wanted. The results … Read More

How to Paint a Pumpkin

Here is a look at my how to paint a pumpkin instructions, if you’d like a peek at one of my classroom boards. I wanted students to see how easily they could make a dimensional looking pumpkin. Drawing a circle and painting it orange would not produce nearly the same results, so it was important to follow these steps. And after finding this idea recently at Grande Park Art Blog, I was really happy … Read More

Halloween Boxes with Sharpies

My favorite part of these little Halloween boxes is the color combination. I love the soft orange and matte black and shiny silver. Fortunately, they all come from supplies that are very easy for kids to use too. MATERIALS • White paper jewelry boxes • Sharpie marker, black, fine tip • Sharpie marker, black, brush tip • Sharpie marker, silver, fine tip • Orange liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Lightly draw a series of … Read More

Witch Hat Scratch Art

I love how this witch hat scratch art pushes students to color heavily. It takes two coats of coloring to get the layers needed to scratch, so you can’t help but end up with some very rich looking works of art. MATERIALS • Multimedia or drawing paper • Black Sharpie, chisel tip • Portfolio brand Oil Pastels (their softness really makes a difference) • Wooden stylus DIRECTIONS 1. Students draw a simple witch or … Read More

Paint A Crankenstein

To learn how to paint a Crankenstein, you must first read Samantha Berger’s book on how you might spot such a creature, and how they come to be. It’s an adorable look at cranky kids, and all the things that turn them into cranky little monsters. I was inspired by the cover, which has a close cropped head and very glaring eyes. I’ve found that starting portrait drawings with a large “U” touching the … Read More

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