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How to Draw a Fox Face

This fox face drawing tutorial helps students fill their paper with a large, symmetrical face, and has all kinds of coloring options.

fox face drawing
How to Draw a Fox Face
fox face drawing
Fox face diagram as seen in PDF download

Once you have mastered drawing simple animals, take a spin at making this cute fox look like he has lots of soft fur.

To keep the definition of the head and features, outline them with a marker, but keep the inside colors inside soft with fuzzy edges. No need for a marker between them. A few shadows could even be added to give this fox some extra definition.

This sample is colored as a red fox, but you could easily trade them for gray and white, or gray and brown, or whatever combination is wanted or needed for this fox.

An extra tip? Try leaving small white circles in the eyes and on the nose to look like a shiny spot. It’s a little trick that all the pros use in their drawings.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Fox Face

  1. Make guidelines. Draw two eyes.

  2. Add curved eyebrows.

  3. Draw nose and chin.

  4. Draw bottom neck lines.

  5. Add zig zag cheeks.

  6. Add two curved lines.

  7. Draw two ears.

  8. Connect ears, add inside lines and shoulders.

  9. Trace and color, leaving some spaces white.




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