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How to Draw a Simple Fox

Learn how to draw a Simple Fox with this easy step by step tutorial. It’s basic shapes make it perfect for younger elementary students.

This easy drawing project was created with a marker and crayons, but the simple shape of the fox makes it a good choice for “messier” media too.

For instance, if you wanted students to try out oil pastels, maybe for the first time, it’s good start with a drawing project that has VERY little detail. The smudges that come from pastels will create great color and texture, but smaller details will get lost and can be frustrating. It’s best just to keep things big and basic.

My tip for an oil pastel drawing that really pops off the page, if you do to that route? Have students draw in pencil, color the shapes in, and lastly trace over the drawing with a black pastel. They’ll have a more defined look, which always adds some interest to their art.

Simple Fox Coloring Page



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Simple Fox

  1. Draw the head.

  2. Add a small circle nose.

  3. Draw two brow lines as shown.

  4. Add two circle eyes.

  5. Draw the body shape.

  6. Add L shaped front legs.

  7. Draw the belly line around them.

  8. Add a tail and grass line.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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