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How to Draw an Easy Raccoon

Learn how to draw an easy raccoon with a masked face and fluffy striped tail. Sometimes the extra simple projects are the ones that turn out extra cute!

Easy Raccoon Drawing

When it comes to drawing cute and interesting animals, raccoons have a lot to offer. They live all over the US in forests and woodlands, near farms and cities and have been known to eat almost anything. This includes clams, fish, nuts, fruit, lizards, insects and the occasional squirrel or mouse.

Though it was once believed that raccoons liked to wash their food before they eat it, today scientists think that’s not necessarily true and may just like the feel of water on their hands.

The coloring of a raccoon makes them especially fun to draw, with the “bandit” looking eyes, light belly and striped tail. To make sure that the eyes can still be seen in the middle of the black crayon mask, try filling them in with a the black marker.

Getting Started with Drawing Guides

The best way to get students off to a good start to any drawing lesson is to show them how to use guides as a reference point.

You may have noticed that all of the tutorials on this site have a dashed line running through the center of each step, both in the horizontal and vertical direction. If students make their own centered lines on their own paper, before drawing, they will have an easy reference to follow.

For instance, as seen in Step 1 below, the head of the raccoon looks like a large eye shape that is centered on the vertical line, just above the horizontal one. It’s important to draw that shape big enough and high enough on the paper so that there’s room for the rest of the raccoon underneath.

When students get their drawing off to a good start, there’s a better chance of them feeling successful by the time they are done. Drawing skills are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper, so having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.

So does that mean students need to get out a ruler to draw a big fat line down the center of their paper before they start? Goodness no, please don’t! That will most likely be hard to erase and distract from any finished art. No, simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty is that by the time the drawing is done and colored in, the creases will disappear.

And now, on to the raccoon drawing project.

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Preview of the step by step Easy Raccoon Tutorial

  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.


Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Raccoon in 9 Easy Steps

  1. Draw an eye shape in the middle of the paper.

  2. Draw the upside down U shapes and a circle.

  3. Add the nose, mouth and small circle eyes.

  4. Draw two large ears.

  5. Add a rounded body shape with toes.

  6. Draw two arms and two belly lines.

  7. Add a large tail with curved stripes.

  8. Add a tree and sun for a background.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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