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Easy How to Draw a Wolf Tutorial and Wolf Coloring Page

Learn how to draw a Wolf (that won’t get confused with a dog). It’s easier than you think, with this step by step tutorial.

Wolf Drawing

There are many qualities that a wolf shares with a dog, but a few key features make them look much different than man’s best friend. The face and chest need to look extra furry, the waist really narrow, and the fur colored with at least two tones, the lighter being on the bottom.

Animals that need to have a fuzzy, furry edge are much easier to do when you approach it in two steps. First draw a smooth general body shape, then add the zig zag edge along the outside. Lastly, erase the initial smooth line and voila! A very furry looking animal. If students try to draw the fuzzy line first, it can be hard to control, especially for those without a lot of experience.

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Wolf Coloring Page

Wolf Drawing Materials

Wolf Drawing Directions

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Wolf

  1. Start with a bean shaped body.

  2. Add a nose and mouth.

  3. Draw eyes and ears.

  4. Add two front legs.

  5. Draw two back legs.

  6. Add a tail.

  7. Draw fuzzy lines on face and chest.

  8. Erase grey lines. Add background.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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