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Draw the Notre Dame Cathedral

Learn how to draw Notre Dame and you just may get a peek into the brilliant thinking that went into its design and construction.

how to draw Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s architecture is noted for its intricacies, but students can also learn to appreciate just how balanced and symmetrical it is. Grid paper really helps when it comes to drawing any architecture, so I’ve included a template in the PDF download.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw the Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Draw ground line and bottom floor.

  2. Add second floor.

  3. Add third floor.

  4. Add two towers.

  5. Add lines inside towers.

  6. Add windows inside and posts on top.

  7. Add railing on third floor.

  8. Draw arches and center window.

  9. Add arch details.

  10. Draw arches and lines on ground floor.

  11. Add doors and steeple at the top.

  12. Trace and color with markers.

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