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Pumpkin Drawing: 3rd Grade and Up

To follow my pumpkin lesson for very young elementary students, here’s how to draw a pumpkin with older ones. I’ve added overlapping and shadows.

How to draw a pumpkin

Pumpkins just have it all when it comes to art projects. The built in ridges help show off their dimension so they don’t look like flat circles, and the bright orange color is so festive to look at. In this tutorial, I’ve added smaller pumpkins that overlap a larger one, and a little shadowing underneath to add extra dimension. These are concepts that are more appropriate for 8 and 9 year olds, and not so much 6 and 7.




  1. Fold the paper in half twice to get the guide lines.
  2. Follow the tutorial to draw the three pumpkins in pencil.
  3. Trace the pumpkin with a black marker.
  4. Color the pumpkin with the orange pastel, taking care to leave a skinny strip in the middle of each section.
  5. Fill in the middle sections with the yellow pastel.
  6. Color the grass a medium green and the sky blue.
  7. Find a darker green and add shadow under the pumpkins.




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