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Easy How to Draw a Banner Tutorial

Now students can add fancy titles to their drawings when they learn how to draw a banner. Here are three easy options to try out.

Banner drawing

Looking to add a fancy title to a poster or drawing? A banner can add some instant style and are not that hard to draw, once you have tried out a few. 

This tutorial shows how to draw three different kinds of banners, starting with the easiest and then getting a little fancier. The process is pretty much the same for each. If students start with the main section, then add matching ends, and then connect the two, they’ll have a nice and symmetrical shape that is ready to get filled with their letters.

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Materials for How to Draw a Banner

Directions for How to Draw a Banner Step by Step

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Banner

  1. How to Draw a Banner 1

  2. How to Draw a Banner 2

  3. How to Draw a Banner 3

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