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How to Draw a Weave Pattern

Learn how to draw a weave pattern with this easy step by step tutorial. Add some shading to make it look extra dimensional.

If you normally have your students learn about weaving by working with paper, and online lessons are making that difficult, then this drawing exercise might be a good Plan B.

Drawing the overlapping strips, and then erasing the extra lines will demonstrate to students how a proper weave is supposed to look. If your students tend to miss the fact that each row needs to be the opposite of the one before it, then a drawing might help them absorb the concept so they know what to check for when really weaving later on.

Tip: Although this idea can certainly work with a few more or less strips, getting carried away and making many more is not recommended. In the end the strips might be so thin that they will be difficult to shade (the most fun to color, if you ask me!)



Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw Optical Weaving

  1. Draw a vertical strip in the center.

  2. Add a strip on either side.

  3. Draw a horizontal strip.

  4. Add two more strips underneath.

  5. Add final strip near bottom.

  6. Erase the horizontal lines shown.

  7. Erase the vertical lines shown.

  8. Trace with a marker.

  9. Use two similar colors to fill with main shade and “shaows”

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