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Glue and Foil Art

This aluminum foil art project is made from some very inexpensive supplies, yet ends up looking pretty fabulous.

Glue foil project

I was so inspired by this foil project found at “Make It A Wonderful Life” that tried it out today in an after school class.

• Chipboard
• Black marker, thin
• White glue
• Aluminum foil
• Glue stick
• Wooden stylus
• Shoe polish, black

1. Make a large simple drawing on chipboard with a pencil and trace with a thin marker. Trace all the lines with white glue and let dry for at least 24 hours.

2. Rub the entire drawing with a glue stick. Cover ALL of the cardboard. Any missed spots will not stick to the foil and cannot be “etched” later with the stylus.

3. Tear a sheet of aluminum foil and press to chipboard, shiny side up. Wrap edges around the sides and glue in place.

4. Rub around edges of the glue with a Q-tip. The better the rubbing, the more defined the drawing.

5. Use a wooden stylus to draw details on the bird, ground and sky.

6. Apply black shoe polish to drawing. (Don’t try to substitute black paint, I tried, it rubs off.)  Wipe away any extra polish with a paper towel.

7. It’s done. I’m going to try a cowboy boot next spring when a 4th grade class is learning about the wild west. Can’t wait!

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