Draw the US Capitol

A US Capitol building drawing is quite a study of symmetry. I made this tutorial with some simplification to help older students see all that lovely detail. It has housed the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate for two centuries. I’ve made a tutorial that includes graph paper to help students align all of its beautiful … Read More

Draw the White House

If you are studying American symbols, here’s how to draw the White House. Many of its shapes have been simplified to keep students from getting frustrated, but the overall balance and shape is true to the real thing. I’ve found that there’s nothing like some grid paper to help students draw buildings, so my download tutorial has an extra page … Read More

How to Draw Fireworks

This radial symmetry drawing can also help you learn how to draw fireworks. It’s a fun exercise and good fine motor skills practice too. It takes some dedication to filling up a page, but when you have – bam! Colorful art! MATERIALS • Journal page or drawing paper • Pencil crayon or crayons   DIRECTIONS 1. Students to place about … Read More

Memorial Day Flag Collage

Faith Ringgold, an African-American artist, is best known for her large story quilts. In 1985 she made a piece titled “Flag Story Quilt” which inspired one of my Memorial Day projects. • View and download PDF Flag template For a great follow up, see my Faith Ringgold Mural template in my PDF Shop MATERIALS • Card stock paper • Old … Read More

Memorial Day Project

One of my favorite Memorial Day Projects still is my American Flag mural. The smudges that invariably happen when working with white, only give it more of a handmade look. Shown here is the prep work needed to complete one mural in about 45 minutes. MATERIALS • USA Flag Mural PDF template • Card stock paper • Paper cutter • … Read More

Draw the Statue of Liberty’s Face

This Statue of Liberty drawing is easy and perfect for students who spend time studying symbols of the United States. Focus on the face and you can then add colorful fireworks in the background. Make this a fun watercolor resist painting by drawing colorful crayon fireworks in the background before painting a watercolor wash over them. A tip for working … Read More

Statue of Liberty, Grades 4-5

My Statue of Liberty easy drawing lesson uses a grid method, which is a great technique for older students to learn to use. I have seen lots of students make some amazing drawings when they have clear lines to refer to (as opposed to a photo) and a grid to give them structure. My PDF download includes the pages shown: … Read More

How to Draw a Star Banner

My favorite way to show students how to draw a star is to connect the dots. Have the dots touch the edge of a paper to get stars that fill up the page. I describe the star as having a head, two arms and two legs. Yes, much like Patrick Star from Spongebob if that helps. Instruct students to make … Read More

Statue of Liberty Grades 2-3

I made this Statue of Liberty drawing easy enough for young elementary students to try out. The robe is simplified so students can just focus on the pose. • View and download Statue of Liberty Tutorial MATERIAL • Watercolor paper • Sharpie marker, fine tip • Crayons DIRECTIONS PREP. Print a tutorial for every student to see. Draw or print guidelines … Read More

How to Draw a Bald Eagle

Here’s a step by step tutorial for an eagle drawing easy for young elementary students to follow when studying American symbols. By placing him on a branch, and turning his head just a bit, students can focus on drawing his distinctive head and beak. If you like this tutorial, you might like my “How to Draw” ebook with 200 more … Read More

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