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How to Draw a Star

Learn how to draw a star with an easy step by step tutorial. Plotting the end points first is a really helpful way to get started.

Drawing of a Star

When young students are first learning about shapes, there’s a natural attraction to drawing stars. After all, they show up everywhere in their life, as decorations, fun decals, even in the books they see and toys they play with.

Years of working with kinders and first graders in the classroom taught me that drawing what they would call a real star (which usually meant a 5-point one) is one thing they sometimes needed help with. Some may have picked up how to draw a star in one continuous line, and some may not have. All benefitted though when they slowed down and did a little more planning first. The process of plotting out the five end points and then slowly connecting them with straight lines, seemed to work well for everyone, and was used as the starting point for many a star-themed project. 

Preview of step by step tutorial of a Star drawing



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Star

  1. Start with a square sheet of paper.
    Fold in half in both directions and
    make a crease for guide lines.

  2. Place 5 dots on the edge of the
    paper. The top on the center, two
    sides above the middle line, and
    bottom centered as shown.

  3. Draw line from the top “head” to
    the bottom right “foot”.

  4. . Draw a line from the top “head” to
    the bottom left “foot”.

  5. Draw a straight line from the
    right to the left “hand”.

  6. Connect the right “hand” to the
    left “foot”.

  7. Connect the left “hand” to the 8. Erase the inside lines, if desired.
    right “foot”.

  8. Erase the inside lines, if desired.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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