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How to Make Pom Pom Balls

A simple search will show you many tutorials on how to make pom pom balls. Some take tools and adult-size patience, but these require neither.

This project even worked in Haiti a few years ago.

These pom poms are tons of fun to make, and can serve all kinds of purposes (from decorative to play time) but I did learn a few things after trying them out with lots of students for many years.

The biggest trick is that your average school scissors will not cut yarn, even in adult hands. That means your choices are to either get medium sharp scissors as save this for older elementary students, or have an adult do the trimming for younger students, OR skip the trimming altogether. You may not have a ball shape, but many young students don’t notice the difference anyway.

That said, this is a wonderful way to use up a bunch of old yarn, and many of my students used to turn them into fun necklaces and hair ties.


  • Scrap of cardboard, 4″ square
  • Scissors (check that they DO cut yarn)
  • Yarn


Time needed: 1 hour

How to Make a Pom Pom

  1. Cut board about 4″ square. Wind yarn around it.

  2. Continue winding until thick as shown. Bend to remove.

  3. Cut a long string place underneath. Tie VERY tight.

  4. Cut through loops on each side.

  5. Trim to make them all about the same length.

Pom Poms made with styrofoam, craft pom poms, and pins.

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